Royals granted leave of absence

Carole Morris-Underhill
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Despite an outpouring of community support, the Windsor Royals won't be icing a team this season.

Dan Boyd, the president of the Windsor Royals Hockey Club 2010 Society, confirmed July 7 that the Royals were granted a one-year hiatus by the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League's board of governors.

The request was granted after months of in-fighting within the Royals executive. The majority of the board members wanted a one-year's leave of absence for the team, while four lone members lobbied to keep the Royals operational.

In the end, the NSJHL's board of governors, composed of representatives from each team in the league, agreed with the majority and granted the hiatus.

“We want to explore options as to the development of local talent. But as far as the future of the Royals, we've been given a year's leave of absence — nothing more, nothing less,” said Boyd in an interview July 7.

Grant Veinot, the team's alternate governor, confirmed in a brief phone interview July 7 that the league approved the request and gave the executive direction as to how to re-join the league next season.

“All they wished us to do was attend their meeting in January so we can notify them of our plans for the following season,” Veinot said.

Boyd said they will be required to present a specific business plan for the 2013-14 season in January 2013 to the board of governors to be able to return as an active team in the league.

Although the team wasn't penalized for the leave of absence, Boyd said they were required to pay 60 per cent of the team's NSJHL $3,200 registration fee. He said it was required “in order to grant us that year's leave of absence and to show that we have goodwill intended.”

He feels the cooling off period will be beneficial.

“We can be accused of being the bad guys. We can be accused of this and that, but when the truth is shone on the whole issue, it's clearly that it was just a bad, bad situation and we really believe a cleansing for a year will be a good thing,” said Boyd.

While the Royals take a break, Boyd said the executive will be busy working on a business plan so the team can return to the league for the 2013-14 season. They will also be looking for ways to help the various levels of hockey already in town, creating a special hockey scholarship and focusing on developing local talent.

“I think we can do some good things with hockey this year in Windsor. I think we can help minor hockey a whole lot more,” said Boyd. “The high school team had a phenomenal year last year and we hope to talk to the head coaches or the coaching staff of the Avalanche and see how we can help them.”

They're also looking at donating their ice time to several groups. The Jr. C Avon River Rats have already expressed interest, Boyd said.

“Ice time is at a premium in this area. Brooklyn and Windsor, you cannot get ice time. So we feel by having our ice time available Wednesday nights for an hour and a half and Friday nights for three hours, we can really assist the players that want to develop,” said Boyd.

“The real negative people might say 'well what's a year going to do?' Well, a year is going to do more than if they didn't have it at all. They're not going to become instant stars in a year but a solid year's development can only assist. It sure as heck can't hurt them,” he added.



What about the players?

But, the hiatus is something not everyone is in favour of.

Dale Evans, the former vice-president of the executive, lead the charge to save the Royals from the one-year leave of absence. He was very disappointed to learn the decision, as was all those lobbying to see a team compete.

“The four minority directors have been in constant discussion this afternoon (July 7) and we're all pretty upset, as are a lot of community supporters that thought for sure that we had something going, thought we had a case,” he said.

“What's wrong is wrong and what's right is right. What's wrong is not having a team and that's what everybody believed in.”

Evans said it's unfortunate the talented hockey players got caught in the middle of the dispute.

“I had 14 emails from players that were willing to come back and play for a team in Windsor. But now they don't have a choice. They have to go wherever they're told to go,” said Evans.

He said even if a new Junior B team could be iced for the 2012-13 season, however unlikely, it would cost too much to bring the players back to Windsor.

“If they want to come to Windsor, it's not going to be for nothing. Even if we did have a team this year, it's going to be 20 brand new people,” said Evans. “It's Junior B hockey but it'd be tough — really tough to get a team going. That saddens me as well that we don't have the option to pick up some of these players that want to play for Windsor.”

All of the eligible Royals were put in a dispersal draft and picked up by the various teams.

“This is a gift for the other teams,” said Evans of the dispersal draft.

“We can be accused of being the bad guys. We can be accused of this and that, but when the truth is shone on the whole issue, it's clearly that it was just a bad, bad situation and we really believe a cleansing for a year will be a good thing.” Royals president Dan Boyd

All-star goalie Jacob McKendry was snatched up by the Glace Bay Junior Miners. Joining him on that team will be Logan Phillips.

Nathan Little, another all-star, was selected by Cumberland County.

The local players — Mark Swain, Brandon Parker and Jake Galbraith — will be playing for Antigonish, Pictou County and St. Margaret's Bay, respectively.

“For certain individuals, it breaks my heart that they're not going to be able to play hockey in Windsor this year. It literally breaks my heart and I'll say that very sincerely,” said Boyd.

“There were three or four players that I know had all good intentions but the rest of them... said they wanted to play but they didn't want to play in December and they didn't want to play for anybody else in February but that's history. I better not get into that too much.”

The Hants Journal first reported on the clash between the executive and the hockey team in February of this year. Some of the executive members fired, then promptly rehired, the head coach and assistant coaches during the team's playoff series with East Hants.

Evans said he knows the idea of taking a hiatus was being batted around as far back as January.

“I don't think anybody truly thought that this was going to happen,” said Evans.

“Everywhere I go, whether it's the grocery store, the hardware store, (or) if I'm getting my hair cut, people are coming up to me and saying 'I heard about the Royals, are we going to make it?' People are genuinely concerned that there is not going to be a hockey team,” said Evans. “ I think now that the news is out that there isn't going to be a hockey team, I don't think it matters what Dan Boyd and the others write in the newspaper to try and justify this. People are going to be outraged.”

Evans, who hopes the year's absence is just that — one year and not forever, said he hasn't thrown in the towel just yet and is still investigating various ideas and options. He said he will always support whatever Junior B incarnation takes the ice but will likely focus his attention on getting a new arena built, or the current one renovated.

“Our association's membership says as long as there's players in Windsor after minor hockey that want to continue there will always be a Junior B team. Obviously that's not the case at all,” said Evans.


Organizations: Windsor Royals Hockey Club, Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, Windsor Royals

Geographic location: Hants County, Windsor, Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • just a hockey fan
    July 14, 2012 - 14:30

    There is something I don't understand. The coaching staff do not sign players, am I right? If so you cannot blame the coaching staff for icing an illegal player. The coaching staff are just icing the players that are on the roster. I always thought it was the executive (NHL on down) that signed players.

  • Linda Uhlman
    July 11, 2012 - 23:05

    We as hockey parents have spent over 25 years watching hockey , my husband has coached hockey for over 20 years, my son has loved the game since he first put on a pair of skates at the age of 3. He has played AAA hockey from atom to major midget , spent 3 years at a US prep school playing hockey, had a run at Jr. A. He has played for the Windsor Royals since Dec.2010. When it was time to choose a university , playing Jr hockey with a well respected team like the Royals was a factor in his decision to attend Acadia. We traveled to Windsor for every home game, ate supper there , shopped in the local stores and filled the car with gas before the trip home. Now he is an overager , with one year of competitive hockey left to play. His rights belong to the Strait Pirates, really? Even he were to be traded to a city team with room for an overager, how would he travel? In reality he has played his last game of competitive hockey without even realizing it was his last game, deprived of the opportunity to savor the experience. His is only one story, every returning player and the on the Windsor Royals has been adversely affected by this decision. The explanations put forth simply do not justify the results , and in realty what will a year's absence change? Fielding a team of local players is a wonderful concept , but not practical. There would be no Junior Hockey anywhere at any level in NS if each team were comprised of local players. If this was a coaching issue , why were the coaches simply not replaced at the end of the season , before the beginning of the 2012-2013 season? The executive have released coaches in the previous two seasons , they appear to be familiar with the concept. I don't understand how Hockey NS could allow this to happen. If we have an executive who wishes to serve and run the Windsor Royals Jr. B team, which we did, funds to financially support a team, , which we did, experienced coaches who wanted to coach and quality players who wanted to play, which we did , how can there be no team? Perhaps the "executive " should step aside and allow those who wish to run the team, run the team.

  • Linda Horne
    July 11, 2012 - 21:52

    As a long time Royals supporter and someone who spent many years working as a volunteer for the team, I am saddened beyond belief by the recent happenings. It is appalling that this has gotten to this level. If the intent of the current "Executive" is to assist high school hockey or minor hockey, that avenue is open to them without the death of the Junior B Team. The only people who want this are Mr. Boyd and his colleagues. There was no sanctioned motion by a majority of the board, there are been no financial reports. The Executive members who are insisting the bylaws be followed to the letter (as they interpret them), are not who even following those same bylaws. The existing bylaws indicate that the Year End is December and the AGM has to be held within three months of then - it is now July - still no AGM. This society was formed by the people who wanted to see Junior B hockey be successful here. We have a 47 year history of proud memories. We have players who want to play, we have coaches who want to support, we have volunteers willing to work and fund raise, we have financial support and we have a league who would rather that we play. In spite of this, in the very Birthplace of Hockey, we have been left at the mercy of a few people with another agenda. This is wrong on every level. The people of Windsor and West Hants have to make themselves heard, Please do not let the 47 years of history and memories (including hosting and Winning the Don Johnson Cup) have been for nothing. Bring hockey home to its Birthplace.

  • Observer
    July 11, 2012 - 13:48

    "But there comes a time when the lies are told upon lies and nobody can believe what the truth actually is anymore." No truer words spoken but those with eyes and ears can see and hear the truth pretty clearly. Old-school MENTALITY is like it. Dan Boyd and those who led the team down this path should all resign. Otherwise nothing will be accomplished in future either. All you've done is added salt to a larger wound. Hope you're happy.

  • Royals Fan
    July 11, 2012 - 12:46

    I completely support wanting to help and developing local levels of hockey. As the birthplace of this great sport, I feel as a community, that we should all aspire to do that. What I don't understand (and would very much like to), is why we have to lose the Windsor Royals for a year in order to accomplish that? I've been going to the Royals games on and off for about 12 years and haven't seen much fund raising activity other than the Bingo. Hockey teams and other community sports are constantly doing things within the community to get exposure and raise money. Is it unreasonable to think that we could keep the Royals and reach out to dedicated, loyal hockey fans/players in the community for support in organizing and raising money outside of the the Bingo? If the Bingo money pays for the team, then any money above that can be donated on behalf of the Windsor Royals to help other levels of hockey within the community. That seems like a win-win to me. I expect that there must be far more to this issue than what's been presented as it doesn't all seem to make sense to the average person. Based on everything we've been privy to so far, everything from the coaches down seemed to be working. Everything above that, no so much. So it's what was working that gets eliminated so what wasn't working continues to not work? I think I'm lost.... I don't understand how a year of "cleansing" is going to fix that problem. Please enlightened us hockey fans, dedicated Royals fanatics, community members, hockey players, family members and everyone else who cares about this game and tradition on what's exactly going on.

  • Diana
    July 11, 2012 - 11:57

    As a dedicated fan for the last several years, I've seen all the confusion and problems within the royals association and I find it appalling that these particular executive members don't see what the real problem is. Forcing the team to take a break and then coming back with the EXACT same executive and plan is not going to fix anything. In all the scenarios they mention each one ultimately leads back to themselves. I was under the impression that the people governing this organization were smart, caring, willing people. But now I see all they seem to want is to create their own hockey environment without a single thought to anyone else's feelings or life. What the Royals needed was not a leave of absence but a new executive with the team/players and community in the forefront of their mind.

  • Dale Evans
    July 11, 2012 - 08:49

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank past Royals players, parents,grand parents and the community for your support over the past 47 years and the past several months for supporting a great cause.

  • Player
    July 10, 2012 - 23:39

    So, what I am to understand here is that this all started when the coaches were fired and the players originally stuck up for them. I wonder if this same fate would have happened had the players stuck up for the previous 2 coaches who has all been fired just outside of 1 calender year. Wow, 3 coaches in one year fired.Strange how both those coaches got on with other teams in the league almost immediately. They seem to work fine with other executives. Wait, here is a complex idea. Maybe its the executive and not the coaches! Ps. A personal thanks to Dan Boyd and his group for ending my hockey career prematurely, and I hope you sleep well at night.

  • A Rinkrat
    July 10, 2012 - 21:58

    I have been following the conflagration of The Windsor Royals. The three main reasons are1) Concern for the local guys Parker, Swain & Galbraith, who I have had the pleasure to watch and coach, and also the other players with local ties or with fathers who have played for and against this once proud franchaise. 2) I have an overwhelming pride in our hockey history (Josh, Bobby and Joey Dill, Jake Miller, Brandon Benedict, Jr. Moore, Jeff Burgess, Al Simm, Goat Mosher, the Shearer brothers, Rick Bacon, Freddy Smith, The Taylors, Joe Robertson, Chook Smith and the list goes on (and sorry for those not noted). 3) Entertainment value (it is hard to keep up!). As an observer, but also as a local boy who has tried hard to make a living in this town and has also put in his time (unpaid) coaching, cajoling and feeding whoever was in the rec room at 5am before practice in the Windsor Arena - Home of The Valley Jets, Windsor Alpines and Windsor Royals, I can’t keep quiet any longer. This is an EMBARRASSMENT. Our town has an incredible sports heritage. What is supposed to be the Birthplace of Hockey is witnessing the death of hockey in our town. Like A Fellow Volunteer posted, this is a lesson in APATHY. If you don’t know what it means look it up. I am trying my best to be objective. I hope that this will be printed and the people who our sports heritage means something to, will CARE! I will not name names except Mr. Boyd since he has already thrown his hat in the ring. Dan I am deeply disappointed that you can not see the forest for the trees. Lloyd Zwicker would be rolling over in his grave. In your defence you have volunteered selflessly and raised thousands of dollars for charity. My hat is off to you for your exemplary community support. I really think deep down your heart is in the right place.The question remains in my mind (after reading your latest media rambling) - why does the high school team need the Royals money? It has always: except for one mismanaged year, been reasonably self sufficient. Parents should be expected to chip in. And do people know you have a close relative on the team (yikes, stinky)? The rest of the so called group ( see previous posts) have no real hockey credentials to speak of, and some have been excused from hockey organizations for various reasons. You are making a travesty of our proud heritage. The right thing to do is have a public meeting, get it over with, start over, be better and CARE! These people, and believe me the real hockey world knows who you are, RESIGN or never get groceries in town again. The coaches of the 2011-2012 Windsor Royals know more about hockey and care more about people than your combined group ever will. Ask Dale Evans, Sticks Arnold, The Voice of the Royals, The Mighty Q and Fred how they feel, what they know. Competitive hockey in our town is a lifelong tradition. Where are you people? Where is the old hockey guard? Grow some CHESTNUTS and do something now! Respectfully, Terry Hines

  • Judy Rideout
    July 10, 2012 - 16:13

    Unfortuately we ( the 4 remaing Executive Members) who tried with the bottom of our hearts to keep a JR B team in the town of Windsor. I can remember when 1 new member was welcomed to the Executive Board stating that he was there to " ice a winning team" and all that he did was drive the team into the ground. But there comes a time when the lies are told upon lies and nobody can believe what the truth actually is anymore. It is very unfortunate for this to happen and I feel for these boys from the bottom of my heart. I firmly believe that because the Jr B team is gone from will never come back and I am sure if it was my son...after all the turmoil this season I would not want him to play for a so called hockey team which is suppose to be fun...and then being treated with the disrespect that those players were shown this year as well as the coaching staff who the players look up to for guidance. My only hope and I am a true believer that there will be a team where these kids can play..even though it might not be in the town of Windsor. I know from speaking to some members of the the Public that they are apauled as to what has taken place. Mr Boyd and the so called Executive can write all they want to about what was right or wrong but when it comes down to the bottom of everything people are going to know the truth. I have been involved with Hockey for many years and not being a parent of a team member knows what it takes to run a good organization. Many years ago when the TV Bingo was started it was to help with the financing of the JR B that the team is gone do you really think people are going to want to play bingo knowing their hard earned money is going for other things than the hockey team itself...sorry I don't think so. The saying is something good always comes out of something bad and I am a firm believer of that so in closing I would just like to say "boys if there is a will there is a way" and we are trying and hopefully all this mess will be done and gone as well as the members who did not want a Jr B hockey team in what we call the Birthplace of Hockey. In my books...these young men as well as coaching staff were not given a fair chance to prove what they could actually do or have done with all the negativity shown by the so called 7 or 8 members who call themselves the Windsor Royals Executive. Enough said and done as I could probably write a book and knnowing what I know from the so called clan..they are the ones in the right and us 4 members are in the wrong. But in closing I just want to say to fellow Windsor Royals players as well as coaching staff who I personally know donated many many hours of their valuable time to keep this hockey team going. Now we can only hope that the actual truth comes out and the public who actually own the hockey team know what has happened and we can only hope that we WILL move forward and let these so called bad eggs be left behind to drown in their sorrow and realize what they did wrong.

  • Jake Galbraith
    July 10, 2012 - 14:28

    As a player and fan of the game, I am truly disappointed to hear this. Like Ms. Swain said, what about the 5 or 6 guys this year that only had 1 more year left of junior hockey. For someone like Jory Uhlman and Nathan Little who has NO WAY to travel to Straight Richmond or Cumberland County and attend Acadia University at the same time. I got a good laugh when certain Executive members talk about "local talent". The little local that this team has is now spread out to Antigonish, Pictou, and Tantallon. For them to tell the public they had the players future in mind would be nothing but a lie. Oh and for the record, we DID want to play in December and February. We were hand-cuffed when The Executive tried to fire our coaches TWICE.

    • A fellow volunteer
      July 10, 2012 - 16:01

      The price of apathy !! I am sure for years that we (the Windsor public) have taken the Royals for granted. Fund raising attempts and calls from the Board of Directors for people to become involved have fallen on deaf ears, as people felt: "someone else can look / is looking after the team". What that 'has' done however, is left the 'Society' that has been operating the team with absolutely no Membership (other than the Board themselves). Besides the obvious limitations on ideas, networking and general 'reach' that a small group of any type is constrained with, in this case it has meant that the Board is accountable to no one (other than their own group). There is no "Society". If the Board is divided, so be it. Call for a public meeting and seek new members. Without those, you do not have a mandate to do anything. Certainly there are those out there now (yes albeit late) that would certainly be willing to serve. The Society hasn't yet had their AGM. Tell all sides of the story and most importantly, admit members to the Society and allow the public to have their input, as is proper governance. Once you have some actual membership, nominate a slate of directors and get on with running the team. Coaches, players, fund raising, wins & losses are part of that. 1] Arbitrarily saying 'we know best' and the area is better off with no team, if we can't do it our way, giving no one else an opportunity to make it work ?? 2] Running the Bingo and disbursing $$ as the Board sees fit (again with no team and no accountability) ?? Potentially lots of room for conflict and pretty tough to defend [1] & [2] Windsor, we can do better than this and despite the League granting a Leave of Absence, common sense needs to prevail here and get back on track. I am sure the League is better off 'with' a Windsor team than 'without'. The public need to speak loud and often until this gets the attention it deserves here in the 'Birthplace of Hockey'. Demand the Bingo proceeds go to a group (any group) who will take on the mandate of running the team. If their performance doesn't work out, that is why the Society has AGM's, so leadership changes can be made. The fact that the Board has not (to this point) had that public meeting makes this whole thing "smell" a little, so by all means lets have that meeting and get on with things. Volunteering is sometimes thankless and all any of us can do is give our "best". Knowing those on the Board of the Royals, this has not been your best (to date). Lets go back to the public and the drawing board. Interest in the team has never been higher, so take advantage of that and get some (new) people involved with new ideas. Thank you

  • Joe
    July 10, 2012 - 13:37

    The sad irony of this at it's happening in the town that is the Birthplace of Hockey. Regardless of what has happened, if you can't make a go of it as a once very successful hockey team, in this town of all towns, than those in leadership roles are to blame. Like it or not, the buck stops with them. This is a complete and utter failure and Mr. Boyd should resign now. He should have resigned the second the hiatus was granted, because fundamentally he has failed, the team has vanished under his watch. I fear the story is bigger than we know and I hope everything comes to light. For now I just hope those who voted to shut down the club will have the integrity to resign and make way for people who want to make it work. Anything less is an insult to the heritage of the team, and unless these individuals think they are bigger than that heritage they should leave now.

    • Rick Wyman
      July 10, 2012 - 23:14

      While there are many sides to this ongoing saga, I fell compelled to note that hanging volunteers on a public forum like this one is not only cowardly, Joe, but dispicable coming from a so-called hockey fan. I've known Mr. Boyd for over 37 years going back to the days of the Sam Slick Tournament, and can state the man is a man of old school moral integrity. Truth be known, and it's still to be revealed, will detail what really went on this past season. Yes, I'll miss the Royals, but it's only one season. Perhaps the naysayers who love to blog their vitriol under assumed names can lend a hand on the executive next season. Shame on you for treating your fellow citizens with disdain, contempt and the ill-will of a convicted criminal. It's only a game, and this great game will live on! Rick Wyman

  • Steven Parker
    July 10, 2012 - 10:12

    After seeing the profound disappointment my son is facing, not knowing if he will ever play competitive hockey again, perhaps it would have made more sense to trade Dan Boyd, Gunn Smith, Grant Veinot and David Keith to Pictou County! Brandon Parker was proud to play hockey for the Windsor Royals and enjoyed his teammates and coaches.

  • Jill Swain
    July 10, 2012 - 09:29

    I feel extremely sorry for the Royals hockey players. My son just loves the game of hockey and was lucky enough to be able to play on the Jr B team. He really liked his coaches and teammates. They all got along so well. They played hard as a team and worked very well together. For the few bad apples on the exectutive that said they didn't want to play, it is just a bad outright lie! The turmoil they put those kids through all year long, messing with their heads, especially in the middle of a competetive play off series, shows that those kids wanted to win and play for their coaches. For most of these players on this team, they will never play Jr hockey again. There is no way that these kids can travel the distances to their newly assigned teams. It will be the end of their competetive hockey and my heart goes out to them. This is such a shame that all this had to happen over "bruised ego's" of these few exectutive members. Why wouldn't they just step down and let someone else take over and run the team properly! I feel sorry for the town of Windsor losing their hockey team. It doesn't sound like it will be just one year, more likely forever!

    • Dan Boyd
      July 10, 2012 - 11:48

      Jill, Graeme, Steven, Maggie: I am going to try but it is obvious that the majority of the executive have been convicted without a trial and sentenced to life. There are no bruised egos, it is obvious your sons interest in playing hockey is first and foremost and I respect that but if you only knew a few things, not all but a few, I am confident there would be a far better understanding. The majority of the executive decided to handle this internally but because of the media furor created, I was forced to comment. The league understands why the year's leave of absence is necessary and if you knew everything that transpired, the e-mails, what happened when the coaches put Brandon in as an illegal player after accosting a game official to ensure it happened, the coaches not being properly certified, the coaches not understanding basic junior hockey rules and costing us the game in Antigonish when they played Mark. These are not make believe stories, regardless of what anyone says, they are the god's truth and only the beginning. I truly appreciate the feeling you must have knowing your boys will miss a season of Junior B Hockey in Windsor but none of the majority suffer from bruised egos. What we do suffer from is wanting to run things properly and in an organized fashion and follow the rules, something all all other Royals teams were able to do until the arrival of last season's coaching staff. Yes we made the wrong choice of not sticking to our guns at Christmas when we released the coaching staff, we panicked because we were facing a $5000 fine from the league. Looking back, we should have paid that fine, no matter how much that would have set us back, forfeited the game and if the boys did not want to play the remainder of the season, then we could have gotten off to a fresh start this year. No one is perfect in this world and I appreciate when people make thier minds up about someone, no matter what is said, the person will always be hung out to dry. I am being hung out to dry but am confident if everyone even remotely knew the full picture, which I have only barely touched upon in this e-mail, a far better understanding would exist between the majority and the parents. - Dan Boyd

    July 09, 2012 - 16:48

    To the town of Windsor, I am so sorry that you have lost such an amazing hockey team. To the coaches, I am sorry that all your hard work was for this ending. To the hard working players, I am sorry that you have been dispersed all over the province. This past year our son was honored to play for the Windsor Royals. He loved his teammates and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching. Unfortunately none of us enjoyed the executives antics. Mr , Swain's comments are bang on. Many know what the real reasons are. No glossing over and empty comments will make this any easier. To Mr. Boyd and the executive members that created this mess, shame on you! I can only hope someday with proper leadership that Windsor can again enjoy having a Junior B hockey team. Maggie Short

  • graeme swain
    July 09, 2012 - 09:48

    Where to start, Yes I guess there were problems this year (as every year, with every team) when you are running a Junior B hockey team. But having a boy on the team and hearing what was going on is disgusting. I believe the Executive hired the Coaches for this years team which seemed to backfire for the executive. The players liked the coaches but the executive had a fallen out with them. So they fired them in December, players wanted to back their coaches, and the executive were now stuck between a rock and a hard place. The executive again fired the coaches between the 2nd and 3rd game of the playoff series with the East Hants Penguins (Great timing, but I guess trying to build their case on getting rid of the team again). What to do - - you've had players stick up for their coaches and now we are not happy!! Oh let's blame the players for the coaches we ( the executive picked ) and tell people that the players wouldn't play and make plans to not have a team next year to get -Back At Them!!! Egos were bruised and you don't do that to us (executive). They talk about local players, they don't really care about local players, they want to win. Do we really think that if there is a Windsor Royals team next year that it will be filled with local talent? Wait and see!! The executive losing control this past year was their doing, they didn't like it -SO no team. Now please don't keep stating that you want to develop hockey in Windsor, that really had nothing to do with it, and I believe most people see it this way. Unless the executive wants to really try to explain to the hockey community what it's motives were and are. Love to get to to the bottom of this!!

  • Crystal
    July 07, 2012 - 16:52

    Sad sad day for the birthplace of hockey.

    • Wade Wile
      July 10, 2012 - 19:34

      Tell us the whole story Dan Im sure we would all like to know, so what is it??