Mill Island for sale

Ashley Thompson
Published on December 2, 2010
Mill Island is up for sale again. (A. Thompson)

Windsor’s Mill Island property, known to many as the old textile plant, is back on the open market.

After financial difficulties brought recent attempts to open retail and condo space in the historic building to a halt, developers Kevin Keefe and Terry Hines opted to relist the $3.1 million property.

Janet White of MacKay Real Estate, the agent tackling the sale of Mill Island, says potential buyers have expressed interest in the building that been in Hants County for more than 125 years. 

“It’s being looked at for main floor commercial retail development and upper floor condos, apartments or office buildings,” White said.

“To try to pull this together, I think, is going to take some time… but you’ll see a (sold) sign up there eventually.”

Keefe, the owner of the Granite Brewery in Halifax, and Hines, the former owner of Hawboldt’s Home Furniture in Windsor, envisioned the building restored for commercial and residential use, but ran into financial obstacles before all of the necessary renovations were completed. In January, Keefe told the Hants Journal negotiations were underway with two Maritime investors to give the stalled project the fiscal boost it needed for construction to resume this past summer. Instead, Mill Island is back on the market.

“It just didn’t come out the way they wanted it to,” White said.