New department store coming to Windsor this fall

Colin Chisholm
Published on August 14, 2015

The site of the next Rossy department store to come to Nova Scotia will be at the Fort Edward Plaza in Windsor.

Colin Chisholm

WINDSOR – A Rossy department store will be opening a location in Windsor on Oct. 1 following two other openings in the province.

The chain opened a store at the Bridgewater Mall on Aug. 13 and will open another one in Yarmouth before the end of this month.

The Windsor store will be located where the former Hart Department Store was located at the Fort Edward Plaza, which is on Wentworth Road.

Denis Portelance, a representative from Rossy, said this is part of an expansion for the discount retailer.

“We’re taking the old Hart’s location in Windsor; the size may be a little smaller, but for merchandise it would be similar to our other stores,” Portelance said. “Toys, bedding, clothing, apparel for the entire family, shoes, and more.”

Portelance said about 20 people will be employed at the store.

He added that Rossy picked Windsor as part of their expansion to Nova Scotia because of the available retail space.

“Nova Scotia is the fifth province we’ll be operating (in). We do have 10 stores in New Brunswick and by Oct. 1, we’ll have three stores in Nova Scotia,” he said. “We’re in expansion mode.”

Rossy also has stores in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.

"Nova Scotia was a good fit for us to expand in the Atlantic Provinces."

Portelance said despite the rocky retail market, he’s confident Rossy would be a long-term fixture in Windsor.

“We’ve been in business for 50 years, we are family-oriented, we sell an array of products for the whole family,” he said.