Mounce Mansion in Newport Landing sells above asking price

Published on March 5, 2017

The home, located on Avondale Road, was built 107 years ago by a wealthy shipbuilding family called the Mounce’s.

NEWPORT LANDING - N.S. – The historic Mounce Mansion in Newport Landing, which went viral online after a real estate listing was posted on Facebook, has been sold.

When it comes to owning a mansion in Nova Scotia, a “Canadian buyer,” the only detail we have about the buyer at this point, was willing to pony up a little more cash to make it his or her own.

Originally listed at $434,900, the house at 98 Avondale Road sold for $455,000 – a $20,100 difference.

Real estate agent Wanda Graves said the fact that there were multiple offers on the property contributed to the increased offer.

“We’ve had some properties that have gone over the asking price in the past, but not like what you see in Toronto or British Columbia,” Graves said. “There it happens every day and just about every listing.”

Graves said some homes in Halifax were selling over the asking price when the shipbuilding project was first announced, but that has since normalized.

“For some properties they will sell quite quickly if the price is right given the product,” she said. “This one, given that it was over $400,000 in this area, those can take longer to sell, so we were surprised that this one moved as quickly as it did.”

The listing was first activated on Feb. 6 and the sale was confirmed on March 2, 2017.

“Nobody expected what would happen with social media on this,” she said. “It reached so many people.”

Graves said she couldn’t specifically say whether or not the property would be for residential or commercial use, but did say she doesn’t anticipate any zoning changes in the near future.

The property is currently zoned as residential.

Graves said the majority of people who were interested in the listing were familiar with maintaining a historic home.

“You’re not just going to slap some paint on it, it takes care and caution,” she said. “The understanding of that kind of build is important for anyone interested in purchasing it.”

The home, colloquially known as the Mounce Mansion in the community, has significant historical value and Graves said the buyer is cognizant of that.

“Anybody we had in there were overwhelmed with it, nobody went in with the idea of changing things,” she said. “I think most people that were really interested in the property… they saw it for the value that was there, the workmanship, nobody wanted to touch that.”

Graves said that what she’s noticed from this listing and its popularity with buyers from across the country is that there’s a lot of interest in property in Nova Scotia, especially from people in Toronto, Vancouver and other metropolitan cities.

“People who are planning to retire in the next year or two and are looking to pick up property… we are finding we’re having a lot of calls from people with the ability to move to Nova Scotia,” she said.

“There’s some beautiful homes out there, we just have to find a way to let the rest of Canada know what we’ve got,” she added.

For video and a slideshow of the historic home, click here.

In one of the main rooms of the Mounce Mansion, a hand-drawn fox hunt scene wraps around the entire length, just under the ceiling.

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