Hants County's 9-Lives Cat Rescue grateful for community support

Published on September 7, 2017

Gina O’Leary-Postma and Lydia Potter, with Scotiabank Windsor, recently presented a cheque to Bev Hurshman and Pat Post, of 9-Live Cat Rescue.


WINDSOR, N.S. – Hants County's 9-Lives Cat Rescue continues to help the stray and feral cat population in the area thanks largely to support from donations and fundraising, which is why a cheque of almost $1,500 cheque was such a big boost for organizers.

Marilyn Pemberton, an organizer with 9-Lives Cat Rescue, said she was thrilled that the non-profit continues to receive support from Scotiabank in Windsor for their efforts.

9-Lives recently received a donation of $1,465 from the bank, which matched the amount raised at a jam session and cake auction that was held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Windsor in July.

“We could not survive without the financial support we receive,” Pemberton said. “We are not government funded. We rely on the fundraisers we do.”

Pemberton said 9-Lives has helped more than 120 cats since January 2017 and approximately 165 in 2016.

Those numbers don’t include the kittens in foster homes waiting for surgery and adoption.

“It’s a multitude of hard working volunteers that make this successful,” she said.

She said 9-Lives is looking for more foster parents to help look after the rescued cats – with the organization providing the food and the kitty litter.

“It’s not an expense on their part; it’s their time that we need,” she said. “There are hundreds out there that need homes.”

The next scheduled fundraiser is a bake sale at the Windsor Mall in November.