Still looking for a special gift? Money no object? We’ve got you covered

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Published on December 21, 2016

Neil Rideout of New Waterford, is decked out in his favourite vacation shirt during Cape Breton’s first snowstorm of the season while holding a photo of his dream Christmas gift – an island in the Caribbean. The 46-acre island in Big Sampson Cay, Bahamas, is for sale for $18 million.

©Sharon Montgomery-Dupe/Cape Breton Post

You’re still struggling for that perfect gift, and, with panic setting in, money is no longer a deciding factor. Or you have that one person who thinks they have everything? Here’s a quick list of possible gifts that should pop the most sleepy eyes Christmas morning.

Diptyque Paris's berry candle

The stress of the holidays must be soothed by any means available.

Diptyque Paris (say Pareee for full effect) gets you.

Start the spoiling at home, with the 51-ounce berry candle. Let your cares, and money, melt away.

Just US$290.

Taj Mahal dog house, from Rock Star Puppy Boutique

Your poochie deserves a palace, right? Don’t they all.

Starting at a paw-ltry US$40,000, you can have a custom Taj Mahal dog house built to your specifications.

Constructed of the finest foam and stucco, it’s available at — wait for it — the Rock Star Puppy Boutique.

Talk about niche marketing.

The La Jeune Tulipe collar, from Posh Puppy Boutique

Mind you, a pet in a palace will want nothing less than the finest accessories, like the La Jeune Tulipe collar, a US$150,000 bauble that boasts a 1.5-carat diamond as its featured gem, courtesy the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Of course, we can’t have the pup showing up the master. Let him check the time of the next canine couture appointment with the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

Built to meet the needs of “professional sailors”, but perhaps the fashion sense of the yacht-cap crowd, the steel watch does have a few rose-gold links to show your giftee is oh so 2014.

Get it from the source for the best bargain, at US$28,800.

If you don’t appreciate your recipient quite so much, Tiffany has a similarly designed but decidedly less prestigious example at a mere $16,700 – Canadian!

Promotional photo for the Rolls-Royce Phantom

Perhaps something with wheels? Nothing says Merry Christmas like a nice Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Book-matched veneers, hand-stitched leather, silent running, massive presence.

Really, just the thing for a run to the mall.

And at a shade more than $400,000, how can you afford not to get one for, oh, the mailman. Or some unnamed reporter, maybe.

The AirBus H175 VIP, interior

Wheels not enough? Of course, no insult meant.

You’d rather present the gift of flight.

Airbus has you covered there, with its luxurious H175 VIP. (Don’t forget that last bit when ordering. Wouldn’t want them unwrapping some run-of-the-mill chopper, now, would you?)

This should buy you about $16-million worth of love.

Big Sampson Cay, Bahamas

What’s that?

Everyone on your list has a watch, a helicopter and more Rolls than Pillsbury? 

How about an island getaway.

This gem falls under the government of the Bahamas, but your beloved won’t worry much about that on Big Sampson Cay.

Cottages, docks, and an airstrip (gotta land that chopper somewhere) make their new island a perfect little home away from your other home away from your other home.

Really says I love you 18 million ways.