Horses make Tims run in Westville

Sueann Musick
Published on December 29, 2016

Elwood Fraser, seated on the right, with his wife Mary beside him takes his family through the drive thru at Tim Hortons on Main Street, Westville Thursday. In the carriage are Mary’s sister Anne Cormier, back left, and Cathy White. Opposite them are her sister Colleen and brother-in-law Dave Zdan.


Westville – Elwood Fraser gave the term “coffee run” a whole new meaning Thursday.

Instead of jumping into the driver’s seat of his vehicle, Fraser dressed his two Percheron horses, King and Lightening, for their first trip through a Tim Hortons drive thru as part of a Christmas gift to his sister and brother in law, Colleen and Dave Zdan.

“What do you a sister and brother-in-law that come from Vancouver, Island, who haven’t been home for 44 years?,” he asked as he pulled down the door of the Central Supplies hauler he uses to transport his “gentle giants”.   “They wanted a sleigh ride but that isn’t going to happen.”

Mother Nature failed to cooperate so he came up with the next best thing and with the help of his son Christopher, his wife Mary and her sisters as well as approval from Tim Hortons, it was a Christmas gift like no other.

“For something different, we are going to take them to their favourite watering hole which is Tim Hortons in the horse and carriage.”

Fraser had the entire trip planned for months right down to pre-ordering the coffee and donunts and having them ready at Main Street Westville coffee shop at exactly 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

He said his sister and brother-in-law had no idea what was being planned until a few minutes before he arrived at the house to pick them up.  

“We usually spend Christmas in Australia,” said Colleen with smile as she wrapped a blanket around her legs in the carriage.

However, she said, having Fraser surprise them with a carriage ride to Tim Hortons on a seasonable winter day was a nice surprise.

King and Lightening drew lots of attention from passing motorists and they had many of people take their picture when they pulled into the parking lot of Tim Hortons. 

Fraser said the horses pull the Central Supplies wagon in as many as 20 parades a year in addition to sleigh rides in the winter so they are used crowds, vehicles and people.

They waited patiently for him to ask for his order at the speaker and again when the coffee donuts were handed out through the drive thru window.

There were lots of smiles from both the onlookers and Fraser’s family that headed back onto Main Street on their way to his wife Mary’s family homestead where they planned to enjoy their coffee and donuts for the afternoon.

As for King and Lightening, Fraser said they would be enjoy some sugar cubes at the end of the day as a thank you for their service.