Windsor’s mayor says improving relationships is key priority in 2017

Published on January 1, 2017

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WINDSOR, N.S. — The Valley Journal-Advertiser asked Windsor Mayor Anna Allen what town council’s Number 1 priority for 2017 was. Here’s what she had to say.

“Windsor town council met to discuss strategic directions for the next four years and beyond,” Allen wrote.

Windsor Mayor Anna Allen

“Council recognized that there are many important initiatives but the seven strategic priorities that were identified at Committee of the Whole best represent what they need to do to make Windsor the best little town during their mandate,” she continued.

“While council did not rank each strategy, the first and primary priority is to establish the best governance model for this area, which includes improving the town’s relationship with all stakeholders but particularly with the West Hants council and with the citizens of our region. Council also recognizes that it must conduct its own affairs in a way that demonstrates good leadership and best practices, which includes making evidence-based decisions for the betterment of our entire community and region.”