A trip of a lifetime: Mary’s Islanders heading to New York

Laura Churchill Duke info@valleyfamilyfun.ca
Published on January 2, 2017

Virginia Boutilier, Madison Burns, Isaiah Vallillee and Abby Connell, all part of Mary Islanders dancers in Greenwood, are fundraising for a trip to New York City this summer.


GREENWOOD, NS - This coming summer, Mary’s Islanders dance troupe, based in Greenwood, is hoping to tour New York City in a trip of a lifetime.

Caitlin Gregory-Waldrum, Mary’s Islanders’ owner and artistic director, says it’s important for her dancers to go on the trip as a reward for the hard work they have done.

“I hope they learn about a different culture, such as city life, and become well-rounded knowing there is more to this world other than our great Annapolis Valley,” she says.

While in New York, the dance troupe plans to do sightseeing such as at the 9/11 memorial site, the Statue of Liberty, Radio City Hall and much more.

A highlight for the children will be going to a Broadway show and taking lessons from the choreographers from the show, says Gregory-Waldrum. Lastly, they will take part in a flash dance in Times Square. 

Madison Burns, eight, she can’t wait to go on the trip to get to travel to a new place

“I'm mostly looking forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty and dancing in Times Square," says Madison, who has been dancing with Mary’s Islanders for six years.

The New York City tour is contingent upon having enough funding. Each child is responsible for raising $2,500 for the trip. In some families, as many as three children are involved in the group, which means they must cover the cost of $7,500.

So far, the group has participated in fundraising activities including car washes, apple drop picking, gift wrapping booths, raffle draws and dances.

“Basically, you name it and we have done it,” says Gregory-Waldrum.

Madison’s mother, Angela Burns, really hopes the troupe can fundraise enough to go on this trip.

“As a part of a dance family that will be going to NYC, I want Madison to experience, learn and partake in different cultures,” says Burns. She wants to see her daughter dance in Times Square and take part in a flash dance mob and see the sites of NYC .

“It's an opportunity of a lifetime and since it is being offered. I wouldn't want my eight-year-old daughter to miss out on that.”

Anyone wishing to support Mary’s Islanders trip, or would like to learn more, can contact Gregory-Waldrum directly at 1-902-844-1697 or find Mary’s Islanders on Facebook.