Ravine Scavenger Hike at Wolfville Watershed and Nature Preserve a great way to spend Father’s Day

Published on June 18, 2017

The Jagger family of New Minas, including mom Rikki, dad William, 12-year-old Liam, four-year-old Ben, six-year-old Ephriam and 10-year-old Nolan, took part in the Ravine Scavenger Hike on Father’s Day.

©Kirk Starratt

GASPEREAU, NS - It was all about family and pet friendly outdoor adventure – and not a bad way to spend Father’s Day.

Annapolis Valley Adventures (AVA) and East Coast Farms (ECF) teamed up to present the Ravine Scavenger Hike at the Wolfville Watershed and Nature Preserve in Gaspereau on June 18.

William Jagger of New Minas was among the participants enjoying a day of outdoor activity with his family. He said they typically try to spend as many weekends as possible in the woods because it’s something they enjoy doing together. For example, they made a few hikes to waterfalls and other destinations in Cape Breton last summer.

Jagger said he thought the Ravine Scavenger Hunt was a great idea and the family has taken part in other Annapolis Valley Adventure events in the past.

“It’s something everybody can do as long as it’s not too challenging of a course,” Jagger said.

He said it’s all about building memories with the kids and it was an ideal way to spend Father’s Day.

AVA co-owner Cheryl Oxford said the hike was a not-for-profit event and the registration was only $5 per person or $20 if participants also wanted to enjoy a meal put on by ECF.

“We wanted to do it Father’s Day as a means of getting families together to get outside and we wanted to use this wonderful space that we have that’s provided by the Town of Wolfville and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust,” Oxford said.

The meal included gourmet pizza, fresh salad, lemonade and Mason jar cheesecake. Oxford said the hike was also a chance to support the Chrysalis House Association. Participants were asked to bring items to donate.

 “I’ve done some volunteer work there in the past and thought this was a great opportunity for community members to come together and provide dry food items, cleaning items and feminine hygiene products,” Oxford said.

Two separate loops were mapped out on the 600-acre nature preserve, a 4 km “dry loop” and a 5 km “wet loop” that went off-trail and followed the river bed.

Organizers chose a fishing theme to promote respect for the fishing industry and to raise awareness of the recent fish kill on the Gaspereau River. There were markers along the routes with AVA packages that contained books.

Each team or participant was assigned a number that related to certain pages in the books. Participants had to take their assigned page from each book. To qualify for a prize at the end of the hike, teams or participants had to collect all 10 pages.

Oxford said there were also tasks to complete, such as finding an acorn or insect, and there were riddles to solve.

She said that AVA plans to continue holding events such as the Ravine Scavenger Hike. They aim to partner with businesses, organizations and individuals in the community with an interest in outdoor adventures.

Oxford said they want to make people aware of how great Nova Scotia is and help draw people here to enjoy it in a responsible way.

For more information, call 902-698-0369 or 902-679-7874, email, visit or visit AVA on Facebook or Instagram.