Certified organic business en route to Windsor

Ashley Thompson athompson@hantsjournal.ca
Published on September 29, 2010
Yum Foods Ltd. owner David Browning is bringing his business to Windsor. The new warehouse will soon open on Cedar Street.

Yum Foods is bringing their diverse product line, ranging from baked goods to certified organic roasted nut treats, to Windsor.

Yum Foods Ltd. set up shop in a vacant warehouse on Cedar Street adjacent to the old Hawboldts Home Furniture store. The food processing facility, known to many as Yum Bakery, has been operating out of Kentville since 1998, but owner David Browning and his wife, Connie Shay-Browning, of Martock decided it was time to move operations a little closer to home.

“I’m a very loyal Hants County person; I’m thrilled about the move,” Shay-Browning said.

This is the second move for Yum Foods since Browning first started the business in 1975, when the wholesale bakery was operating out of Wolfville. Yum Foods, a certified organic food processing facility accredited through the Atlantic Certified Organic Co-operative, distributes to larger grocery chains in metro and the Maritimes, and independent organic food outlets in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Browning says Yum Foods purchases the vast majority of their ingredients locally. They sell traditional baked products — bagels, muffins, breads, cookies and squares — granola, and a specialty roasted nut products that, Shay-Browning says, is in constant demand.

“I wouldn’t say it’s flying off the shelves, but we have to work at it to keep up with the orders. Our hope is that we can expand that market outside the Atlantic area and that’s one of the goals, specifically with the nut butters.”

Yum Foods’ all natural NutSmith Nut Butters and Naturally Nutty Certified Organic Butters contain no additives — sugar, salt or fat — and are ideal for individuals on restricted diets, Shay-Browning said. 

Although they will be sticking with the five employees they have for the moment, some of whom are from Windsor, she’s confident Yum Foods can sell as many nut butters as they can produce and, with a strong potential for market growth, comes the potential for new job openings in their Windsor plant.

“We always try for incremental growth and we hope to continue that. We bring a variety of food products made locally, and available locally, and we hope to be an active part of the business community,” her husband added.

Shay-Browning believes it is significant that they chose to move their growing business to Windsor, with hopes of continuing to expand their clientele. Although the majority of their products are sold wholesale, Yum Foods will be operating a retail outlet out of their Cedar Street location as of Oct. 4.

To learn more about Yum Food Ltd visit www.yumfoods.ca.