Brooklyn man fined for violating fire bylaw

Ashley Thompson
Published on December 17, 2012

A Brooklyn man has been court ordered to cover the costs local fire departments incurred while tending to a fire he started in an attempt to clean up the site of an old garage that had been demolished.

Gervais McKay, of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty to violating Section 3A the Municipality of the District of West Hants’ Fire Protection By-Law by burning designated materials. He was not present in Windsor provincial court when Judge Alan Tufts heard his case Dec. 4.

Crown attorney Michael MacKenzie told the court a “substantial fire” ensued when McKay attempted to burn the remains of the demolished garage, and several firefighters from departments in Brooklyn, Windsor and Summerville were battling the blaze, which started Sept. 22, overnight and well into the following day.

A neighbour called and reported the fire, MacKenzie said. Once responders arrive, MacKenzie continued, it was apparent that McKay did not have a permit to burn some of the materials found in the building.

Tufts accepted a joint recommendation calling for a $500 fine for violating the by-law, and an additional charge of $2,751 to cover the costs of the required firefighting and excavator services.

McKay has been given until June 25, 2013, to pay the $3,251 fine.