Homegrown doctor coming to Hantsport

Updated Feb. 19 at 4:30 p.m.

Ashley Thompson athompson@hantsjournal.ca
Published on February 19, 2013
Hants Journal

A doctor with roots in Hantsport is coming home.

And, she’s pretty thrilled about it.

Dr. Judy Price will join the team at the Hantsport Collaborative Practice on Feb. 25. Price, who recently retired from the Canadian military, will be replacing Dr. Yuri Canete as the family physician at the practice.

“I remember a year or so ago they were talking about looking for somebody in the Hantsport area and at that time I was still under contract in the military so I wasn’t able to do anything about it,” Price said in a brief phone interview Feb. 19.

Price, a native of Hantsport with family still living in town, has been working in Halifax as a doctor in the military for the last five years. Before that, she spent three years at the Hants Shore Community Health Centre.

She says she is looking forward to working with nurse practitioner Dawn Lowe, a health care worker she’s heard “nothing but good things about,” to provide high quality health care in her hometown.

“I’m really, really excited about it and I really feel honoured to be able to go back and practice.”

Price says she’ll know more about whether or not she is able to accept new patients once she gets a feel for the workload at the practice.

There will be no gap in care between when Price starts and Canete departs at the beginning of March.

“Her intent is to stay put for the long term; our hope is that she is going to stay put for the long term,” said Rick Gibson, the chief of the District Department of Family Practice at Capital Health in a brief phone interview Feb. 19.

“She knows the community, she knows the challenges they faced and she has a sense of attachment to the community.”

Gibson said physicians’ contracts with the Department of Health and Wellness are typically a year long, expiring March 31 of each year, but doctors do have the option to resign with three months notice. Price initiated contact with Capital Health.

Price, who has been practicing medicine for 10 years, and nurse practitioner Dawn Lowe will be seeing patients at the practice.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Price returning to our community to practice medicine,” said Mayor Robbie Zwicker in a press release issued Feb. 19. “Being from Hantsport, we know she is well aware of the many reasons that Hantsport is a great place to live and work. Our council sends a sincere thank you to Capital Health for their hard work, and quick resolution to finding a physician for Hantsport.”

Rob Frost, the Town of Hantsport’s CAO, says Price’s acceptance of Capital Health’s offer is good news for a town that has been struggling to find a long-term family doctor.

“We’re excited to have our doctor situation resolved and thanks to Capital Health for doing the legwork.”