Wooded area catches fire in Mosherville following illegal debris burn

Published on April 19, 2017

Brooklyn firefighters work with the Department of Natural Resources to contain a brush fire after a debris fire got out of control on April 19.

©Colin Chisholm

MOSHERVILLE, N.S. — West Hants firefighters were busy on April 19 responding to several calls for assistance. Dealing with someone burning debris when a burn ban is in place wasn’t one they were happy to attend.

Brooklyn Fire Chief Andy McDade said a resident was burning debris in their yard when the fire got out of control and moved to the adjacent forested area.

Luckily the blaze was contained before it spread too far.

“We had an illegal burn that got away from the homeowner and we’re working to get a line around the fire,” McDade said at the scene.

Hants County was under a burn restriction on April 19 – meaning no fires could be lit until 7 p.m.

The fire department was called around 4:30 p.m.

No injuries were reported.  

A representative with the Department of Natural Resources said the fire was almost out and contained to 0.2 hectares at approximately 5:10 p.m.
The burning restrictions across the province are updated everyday online here.

Despite a burning ban, firefighters were called to a scene in Mosherville.
Colin Chisholm

Doug Pynch, a deputy fire chief with the Brooklyn Fire Department, was also involved with an attempted rescue in Stanley, which turned out to be a false alarm earlier that day.

“Our pager went off, possible vehicle in the water near Stanley Airport. I automatically responded with our water rescue team,” Pynch said.

“Upon arrival there was a vehicle in a large pond there, and at the time I couldn’t tell if there was anyone in the vehicle or not because it was under so far,” he said.

“We sent the crew in with their suits on, checked the vehicle and the vehicle was clear,” he said. “Nobody inside, thank God.”

Pynch, who was also on scene at the Mosherville fire, said it’s been 'one of those days.'

“This is our fourth call today; things are dry,” he said. “Please be careful when you’re lighting anything and pay attention to the burn restrictions.”