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Two accidents reported on Highway 101 between Falmouth, Hantsport

FALMOUTH, N.S. – Hantsport firefighters were just wrapping up one accident call this morning when they were paged out to a second MVA on Highway 101.

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Around 7:50 a.m. Feb. 17, firefighters were alerted to a collision on Highway 101 near Exit 7, Falmouth, that involved two vehicles.

Hantsport Deputy Fire Chief Paul Maynard said the collision happened at a low speed and there were no injuries.

“We just helped out with a little bit of traffic control until they got them off the highway,” said Maynard.

Both Brooklyn and Hantsport firefighters responded to the accident as per the county's automatic aid protocol, Maynard said.

“That's a shared response area so we send units from both areas,” said Maynard.

The accident occurred just outside of the Windsor Fire Department's coverage area.

“If it had of been anything more significant we certainly would have involved Windsor.”

The second crash was reported to be near Exit 8a, Hantsport, and was called in shortly before 8:20 a.m. However, a serious accident could not be found when firefighters responded to the scene.

Maynard said they are seeing a number of vehicles off the road between Falmouth and Grand Pre and he encourages people that are calling the accidents in to pull over and check them out, if it's safe to do so.

“We're getting a lot of drive by callers calling in the same accidents where people have gone off the road. It's causing police, EHS and fire to send resources out to check it because we're not sure whether it's the same accident or if there's somebody in it,” said Maynard.

According to the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, the road conditions from Upper Sackville to Hantsport via Highway 101 are snow covered, but passable with caution. There are also icy patches. The stretch of Highway 101 that spans from Hantsport to Coldbrook is much the same, however, motorists are being advised there is blowing/drifting snow.

Maynard confirmed the roads are tricky to be travelling on this morning.

“Roads are still very icy and snow-covered right through the whole area. Some of the back roads haven't even been plowed today,” he said, after returning from a third accident, this time near Lockhartville on Highway 1.

“The roads are passable but drive with extreme caution.”


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