Woman banned from owning animals for five years

Ashley Thompson athompson@hantsjournal.ca
Published on July 6, 2012

A local woman is prohibited from owning animals for five years following her day in court.

Tammy Lunn pled guilty to causing four horses to be in distress, and permitting the horses to live in distress as the person in charge of animals’ care, in Windsor provincial court June 25.

The charges stem from complaints received by the SPCA regarding the condition of horses at a farm along Hwy 215.

Crown prosecutor Bill Fergusson said the animal rescue organization visited the property twice — once to investigate the claims and advise Lunn of their concerns, and once to see if the condition of the horses had improved after the SPCA first made contact.

In December 2010, Fergusson said, the SPCA seized the horses upon learning the condition of the animals had worsened.

Fergusson said the water bowls were frozen and the only feed available was poor quality hay.

Before Lunn was sentenced, Fergusson reminded Judge Claudine MacDonald that Lunn had recently been convicted of similar charges involving a dog, and was prohibited from owning an animal, with the exception of an 18-year-old cat, for five years.

MacDonald banned Lunn from owning animals for five years, issued a $25 fine and ordered Lunn to pay the $708 in vet charges accrued once the horses were seized.

“Once a person accepts the responsibility of looking after animals they have to follow through with that,” MacDonald said, later adding, “You should never own animals again.”