Local wrestlers fair well at provincials

Ashley Thompson athompson@hantsjournal.ca
Published on March 12, 2012

Wrestlers from the Uniacke District School have a good reason to boast this season.

The school claimed first in the junior female category, and second in the junior male category, at the NSSAF Provincials Championships hosted at King’s-Edgehill School March 2-3.

For the junior girls, Uniacke District’s Molly Billsborrow took gold in the 45 kg class and her schoolmate, Justine Kroll, won silver. Jessie Bennett wrestled her way to a gold medal in the 48 kg class. Kaitlyn Sheenan prevailed in the 52 kg competition, while Andie Kroll triumphed in the battle for bronze, and Brittany Murphy finished fourth in the 57 kg contest.

Uniacke District’s Devon Keel claimed first in the 59 kg junior male class, Justin MacDonald won bronze in the 43.5 kg weight division, Jacob Douglas scored third at the 54 kg level, and Willis McCullogh-Messon and A.J. Rudolph finished fifth in their respective classes.

The West Hants Middle School’s Gail Greeno won gold in the 62 kg junior female competition. King’s-Edgehill’s Lucy Killacky won the 70 kg class, and Uniacke District’s Riley Harris took third in Killacky’s division.

Junior wrestlers Josh Hazel and Ryan Harvey each won silver for the West Hants Middle School, their teammate Blair Brown claimed bronze and Isaac Hazel and Sam Nunn narrowly missed medals with fourth place finishes.

Diego Garcia won a silver medal for KES in the 64 kg competition and his teammate, Nathan Danquah, earned third in the 75 kg showdowns.

Avon View’s Kacie Roberts won gold in the 90 kg intermediate female class, while Uniacke District’s Kaysi Richard-Murphy triumphed in the 90-plus weight class. King’s-Edgehill’s Kyla Walsh took second in the 70 kg division and Uniacke District’s Raven Johnson claimed bronze in the 49 kg competitions. Avon View High School’s Agnes MacEachern narrowly missed a medal, recording a fourth place finish.

Jared Bolt claimed gold in the intermediate male 39-42 kg division for Uniacke District, King’s-Edgehill’s Tom Charpentier won silver in the 69 kg rounds, and the West Hants Middle School’s Kyle Chandler finished second in the 110 kg weight class. Noah Stoodley won bronze for Hants East Rural High in 83kg matches, and the West Hants Middle School’s Reily King wrestled his way into fourth in the 57 kg competition.

In senior female showdowns, Hants East wrestler Kim Au earned gold in the 60 kg class, while her teammate, Shelby Beals, took silver in the 65 kg rounds. Avon View’s Kendra McLellan finished fourth in the 65 kg competition. Hants East finished third overall in the senior female division.

There were three silver medals awarded to locals in the senior male competitions, with King’s-Edgehill’s team finishing second overall. Avon View’s Brandon Hirschfield claimed silver in the 68 kg class, King’s-Edgehill’s Thane Bednar finished second in the 90 kg division and KES’ Ngarryan Darrell clinched silver in the 105 kg group.

Medal winner Robie Scott fought hard to bring home a bronze for Avon View, while Hants East’s Barron Rygiel and Morgan Chaisson managed to finish in fifth place in their competitions.

Students from Lockview, Horton, Dr. JH Gillis Regional High, Halifax West, Forest Heights, Eastern Shore District High, Sackville Heights, Five Bridges Junior High, and Cabot Junior Senior High also competed in the tournament.