Machine men gearing up for final rugby match of the year against Enfield

Published on September 7, 2017

Jason Cookson holds on tightly as he attempts to tackle this Tars player.

©Carole Morris-Underhill

Grenville Lines attempts to tackle this Tars player.

©Carole Morris-Underhill

WINDSOR, N.S. — The Machine men's rugby team are shaking off their most recent loss in preparation for Saturday's big game.

The Machine will take on the Enfield RFC on Sept. 9 at King's-Edgehill School for their final regular season game. If they win or get two bonus points for keeping the game close, they should advance straight to the semi-finals; if they lose, they will have to play another game to try to win a spot.

“We still sort of control our own fate,” said team captain Axel Lawrence following the Sept. 2 defeat to the Halifax Tars.

The Machine, who are now playing at the Division 1 rugby level, are 2-4 on the season.

This Tars player managed to avoid being tackled by several players before finally getting tripped up.

©Carole Morris-Underhill

Evan Chambers holds on and doesn't let go as this Tars player tries to gain some ground.
Carole Morris-Underhill

The senior men's squad struggled to gain possession of the ball when they were blanked by the Halifax Tars earlier this month. The Tars “have been the team to beat in Atlantic Canada” for several years, Lawrence said.

“Dermot Robinson and Matt Foster both were all around the pitch making tackles, same with Evan Chambers and Zach Morton, in the centres. They fought hard, made all kinds of hits. It's just hard (to score) when we don't have the ball for 90 per cent of the game,” said Lawrence.

The team is hoping fans will come out to cheer them on when they take on Enfield at 11 a.m. Sept. 9.

Dermot Robinson was a leader on the pitch Sept. 2 for the Machine.

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Evan Chambers makes the tackle as Jason Cookson moves the ball up the pitch. Running in support is Dermot Robinson.

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Mark O'Reilly managed to steal the ball from the Tars on a couple of plays Sept. 2.

©Carole Morris-Underhill