Life Saving Plow Driver

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This true story took place on the old Windsor road in Falmouth, February 1987.

Our daughter who was born February 20/1986 in Windsor had developed chronic athsma. The staff all new her by name and so did the IWK staff. Amber Smith.

During a blizzard she went in to an attack and had to get to the hospital from Hantsport. We decided to take the old road, in case of a break down and closer to a phone instead of the 101.

As we got through Mount Denson in horrible conditions and white-outs, my wife at the time (Wendy) took Amber from her car seat and said "Dwight, she is turning blue". She was suffocating.

Coming upon the Falmouth hill, was a blue half ton at the bottom, and a snowplow at the top. We stopped and the man in the truck came back and said "the snowplow is stuck". He looked in the car turned around and drove up to the snowplow and got out. He then came back and said "if he gets the plow out stay right behind him, he will plow you to the hospital driveway entrance".

Miraculously the plow started to move. He plowed all the way down the road, in to and through Windsor right to the entrance.

We drove right up to the hospital and litterly handed Amber through the out patient window. "Amber can't breath" is all we had to say and the incredible staff would take over.

She was transported to the IWK by ambulance. To go see her the following day, we had to take The Dayliner.

This would be the third time, the doctors expected respiratory failure, but she came out of the attack once again.

Later that year the decision was made to move back to Calgary for a dryer climate. Amber will be 29 next Friday.

If not for the incredible skill of this snow plow driver, and to the man in the blue truck relaying the message to him, Amber would not have survived.

We never got to say Thank You to these two very brave men who were out there doing their jobs.

Well from Amber and The Smith Family...we can not Thank You enough. True hereos.


Dwight Smith


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