As the Israel-Hamas war continues, the US has retaliated with airstrikes in the Middle East

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., blasted President Biden's “long overdue” response Friday evening following the retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Johnson said the “tragic deaths” of three U.S. soldiers killed in an Iran-backed drone strike “demand a clear and forceful response” from the Biden administration.

“The tragic deaths of three American troops in Jordan, perpetrated by Iran-backed militias, demand a clear and forceful response,” Johnson said in a statement Friday evening. “Unfortunately, the administration waited a week to telegraph to the world, including Iran, the nature of our response.”

Johnson said the Biden administration's “over-signaling” is weakening America's position.

“General handcuffing and excessive signaling is undermining our ability to put a decisive end to the attacks endured over the past few months,” he said.

The Republican House Speaker noted that since Hamas's unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7, US troops have carried out more than 150 strikes in the Middle East.

Johnson argued that it was “long overdue” for the Biden administration to “admit” that its Middle East foreign policy was a “disaster.”

“We've had more than 150 attacks on American forces, lost American lives, and spent billions of dollars in the region since October,” Johnson said. “It's long overdue for the Biden administration to acknowledge its strategy of appeasing Iran. It's a disaster for the international community and regional stability. We must stand firm against those who harm Americans, promote terrorism or threaten our allies.”

Johnson said it's time for Biden to “wake up” and admit that his policy of “appeasing Iran” has failed.

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“It's time for President Biden to wake up to the fact that his policy of appeasing Iran has failed,” he said. “To promote peace, America must project strength.”

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