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Crowds pack Avon Christmas Market despite last minute change in venue

WINDSOR, N.S. – Organizers didn’t let a little rain interfere with the Avon Christmas Market, they simply moved things inside the Windsor Mall and kept on going.

Ashley Langille, co-chair of the Windsor Business Enhancement Society, said she was really happy to see so many people come out to check out the wares on display.

“It’s been really great so far, we did have to make the tough decision to move the market inside,” Langille said. “You can’t control the weather, but it’s turned out really great, we’ve had a lot of people coming through the mall.”

Langille said the vendors have been pleased with the turnout as well.

“If they’re happy, we’re happy,” she added. “It’s all about creating a buzz in the community, we want people to know that we’re friendly, we’re supportive.”

Approximately 32 vendors were at the fair, despite the change in venue, which is a large increase over the 12-plus from last year.

Carole Peterson, local author and vendor at the fair said she was really impressed with the number of customers who came out.

“I’ve been having to re-arrange my table because things are just flying off the table, which is great,” Peterson said, adding that she’d like to see this happen again next year. “It’s good for the vendors, it’s good for the town.”

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