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Decking the halls: Windsor woman helping homeowners spruce up their properties this holiday season

Windsor entrepreneur Karen Cooper is hoping people will ask her to lend a hand.
Windsor entrepreneur Karen Cooper is hoping people will ask her to lend a hand. - Colin Chisholm

WINDSOR, N.S. Sick of putting up Christmas decorations every year, or maybe you’d like to decorate but aren’t able to? Karen Cooper is happy to help.

I’ve always done my own decorating, and helped my mom out; it’s always something we’ve done together,” Cooper said. “Thinking about my mom, she needed some help this year. She can’t really stand on ladders or do anything like that.”

With that in mind, Cooper wondered if other people in the community could use some help too.

She’s taken to Kijiji to let people know about the services she’s providing.

Cooper uses the homeowner’s decorations and tree, does an inventory of what they have, asks what they’re looking for, and puts things up for $15 to $25 per hour, depending on the location.

She also offers to do take-downs for a lower cost.

I had a call yesterday from somebody who just hates decorating, but likes the end result,” she said.

It’s not just those who can’t, but that’s who I want to help the most,” Cooper said.

For lots of people who can’t do it themselves, they might not have family around to help,” she said. “But having those decorations up, it can take you back.”

This is the first year Cooper has focused on Christmas decorating. The response has been slow so far, but she’s hoping it’ll grow.

Even if they can’t afford it, people can still reach out to me, even just getting the exposure is good for me,” she said. “I love decorating for Christmas. I’m one of those people come Nov. 12, I’m ready to go.”

She’s focusing on Hants, Kings and Halifax counties for now.

Cooper said Christmas decorating is a way to raise awareness of her other business, which is helping to de-clutter and organize homes.


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