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Everlasting Ink fundraising for family of deceased single mother

Skye Marie States as a young mother with her two sons and niece.
Skye Marie States as a young mother with her two sons and niece. - Submitted

Cash, food, and toy donations welcome to help family enjoy a happy Christmas

KENTVILLE, NS – Everlasting Ink is raising funds for the family of a young mother who recently passed away to help them enjoy this coming Christmas.

Skye Marie States was just 29 when she passed away this August, leaving behind two sons, her mother, and a niece who was like her daughter.

Skye’s mother, Kim, is now caring for all three children, and went to the tattoo shop recently to get a portrait of her daughter. After hearing her story, shop owner and tattoo artist Jason Mahar knew he needed to help.

“This one definitely hit close to home. She was a young mother, and we want to help her family have a nice Christmas this year,” he says.


Giving back

The shop has so far raised $600 for the family, and will be devoting all profits from walk in appointments Dec. 13 to Skye’s family.

Toys, food and financial donations will also be accepted until Dec. 21.

The kids are aged 4, 6 and 8, so anything appealing to those ages would be appreciated, says Mahar.

All who donate will be entered into a draw for a basket of items worth over $1,000.

“We really just wanted to do anything we could to help out, and this seemed like the best way for us to do that,” he says.


Remembering Skye

Jason Mahar says tattooing the portrait was a very emotional experience for both himself and Kim, who was overwhelmed when she saw the finished piece.

“She really wanted to have Skye with her forever,” he says.

Since then, she’s had to stay strong while supporting three kids. As a father himself, Mahar knows that can’t be easy, especially after having experienced such loss.

“For Kim to have taken on all of her grandchildren is huge,” says Jason.

“We hope to raise enough money to give her a break, and for the kids to enjoy this Christmas.”

Terrie Leblanc Mahar, Jason’s wife, knew Skye through mutual friends.

She remembers her as someone who, despite a long illness, stayed strong for her kids.

“Her life was her kids. She loved them a lot,” she says.

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