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Hants' Faces Friday - Lauryn Munroe and Abbie Hughes

HANTSPORT, N.S. – During a recent snow day, 11-year-olds Lauryn Munroe and her friend Abby Hughes, 11, helped to teach Lauryn’s little brother Lucas how to skate.

Both said they enjoy having a break from school to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the rink in Hantsport.

Lauryn Munroe, 11, who lives in Mt. Denson had this to say.

“It’s pretty good, getting out and spending time with friends. Just hanging out with friends and not just doing school work. I come here quite a bit. A lot of our friends are here so we can all come down and skate around together. I think snow days are pretty good. I like school, but I like getting out with my friends. I like math and I like art and English language arts. I play volleyball, soccer and play on two basketball teams. When I was little, I did figure skating lessons, but I’m now more with hockey skates instead.”

“This is my little brother Lucas, it’s fun teaching someone how to skate, just like somebody taught me.”

At this point Lucas Munroe shouts, while sitting on the ice: “It’s L-U-C-A-S and I’m four!”

“I was taught how to skate in the Windsor area. It’s fun teaching him how to skate, showing him some different moves and stuff and how to stop. He can’t stand up on his own quite yet.”

Abby Hughes, 11, lives in Hantsport and also enjoys snow days.

“It’s pretty good to have a day of school off and the rink’s fun to come down to and skate around and hang out with your friends. I’ve been skating a pretty long time. I think I was three or four when I started. It’s just fun to have something to do. I don’t really like skating outside sometimes because it gets too cold, but it’s OK.”

Faces Friday is our weekly online feature highlighting members of our community: their strength, challenges and humanity.

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