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Hants’ Faces Friday — Carolyn Robinson

WINDSOR, N.S. — Carolyn Robinson, from Lower Burlington, may have handed you your double double, or buttered your bagel, at the Water Street Tim Hortons location in Windsor.

Originally from the Caribbean, Robinson said she enjoys her job because she loves to interact with people. She’s been with the coffee shop for 21 years and is the manager of the location.


“I like the people, I like the owners, they’ve always treated me very well and I get very good benefits and I just enjoy people. Working out front, managing the staff, I have to crack my little whip sometimes, you know, but it’s like a family here. We have our regulars and even before they come in, their coffee will be made and they like that. We carry on, and like I’ll tell them to wait on this side and they’ll wander down to the other and I’ll go ‘stay up here, do you not understand?’ It’s just a good interaction. Even in drive-thru, once they open their mouth I know ‘OK, medium double-double.’”


“And of course I have an accent, so they’ll hear me and be like, ‘OK Carolyn, this is what I want.’ I’ve been here long enough that they know my voice. I’m from the Caribbean. I was born and raised there. I came up here to go to school in 1980 and my family followed me up here and I’ve stayed ever since. We were always in Hants. It’s a nice area. My father’s sister is originally from here, which is why we came up to Hants County, and the rest of the family calls it home now. I think I’ve lived up here longer than I’ve lived in the Caribbean. This is home.”


“If you’ve ever seen the movie Cool Runnings, that is how I felt when I first came here. I understand them totally; it was freezing. When we first came up here, the snow we get now, is nothing compared to the snow we used to get way back when we first arrived. I know there was a significant amount of snow a few years ago, but it used to be way worse. I remember.”

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