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Hants’ Faces Friday — Daisy Turner

WINDSOR, N.S. – Do you have your Christmas tree already? It might be thanks to Daisy Turner, who’s from New Ross, Nova Scotia.

Along with her partner, Donald, she’s been in the tree business for roughly eight years, selling their trees, big and small, at the Hants County Exhibition Grounds in Windsor.


“I’m a teacher by trade — went to teachers college, graduated, and the next year was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). I substituted for a bit and there came a time when I had to go on a therapy drug, had a bad reaction to it and ended up being paralyzed from the waist down. I was in rehab learning how to walk again for about a month and a half. I got through that. It was scary, but at the same time I had too much determination, which I get from my grandfather, mother and well, all of us really.”


“When I was younger, my dad had a tree lot and that’s where I learned how to shear Christmas trees for summer unemployment and whatnot, and after that he gave me a little piece of land for myself, and when I got together with my partner, we got a bailer and I’m over here with the lot selling the trees. I love talking to people, whether that came from the teaching or not, but I love interacting with people. I have people who come in and give me cookies, drop in and say hi. And I know these days you probably shouldn’t do it, but I’m a hugger. I always have been and I always will be. That’s just how I am.”


“We’re very busy during the Christmas season, but I still enjoy it. I love seeing the people come in and meeting different people. Even just a moment ago a little girl came up and said ‘hi!’ and just seeing their eyes light up when you bring them their tree. It’s very nice. From year to year, sometimes you wonder where a certain person is and you find out that they passed away, and that’s sad, because you look forward to seeing them. Overall, you see so many people and it’s so nice to get along with them.”


Faces Friday is the Hants Journal’s weekly online feature highlighting members of our community: their strengths, challenges and humanity.

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