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Hants’ Faces Friday — Joni Kehoe

HANTSPORT, N.S. – Joni Kehoe has an important job this holiday season. She’s the postmaster of the Hantsport Post Office.

With more and more relying on online shopping, parcel delivery has become their bread and butter.

Kehoe talks about her relationships with her customers, the trust they put in her, and living in the community she works in.

“I literally live almost in the backyard of this place. I moved here about 19 years ago. Before I moved here, we’ve been all over the place. I was born in Alberta, but moved back when I was nine years old, but I’ve lived on the Chester Road, in Windsor, all over Hants County. Here, I’m the postmaster — that basically means I’m the supervisor of staff here and my role is to make sure that stuff goes out without a hitch every day; making sure customer complaints are taken care of. We are in a smaller community, but that doesn’t seem to matter this time of year. Last Monday we had just in this small post office over 900 parcels that day.”

“Since I’ve started on here, a little over 12 years ago, the face of Canada Post has changed, from letter mail — and we still do that — but now times have changed and everything is online and that’s where the focus is. I don’t think the mindset changes this time of year. We’re always making sure that everybody is getting what they’ve ordered. Part of our motto is to make sure we do everything we can to make sure someone gets what they ordered. That might mean looking them up in the phone book, or whatever it takes. Christmastime especially, that’s the time of year people want to make sure their gifts or care packages get where they need to be.”

“It’s kind of like being a detective this job, no joke. You pay for tracking, so you can try to find it through the company you ordered from, you’ve paid for that. My end of things is making sure there wasn’t a missed delivery on our end or anything like that. We get letters sometimes that say ‘Nanny, Hantsport, Nova Scotia’ so it’s like — OK, where do we start with this? So how many nannies are there? You could look at the person who sent it, look at the return address and that might give you a clue. You might even recognize the handwriting from years prior. I know that might sound silly, but when you’ve done it for so many years, it’s a starting point. You might look for a phone number, any clues. I think people come here because they trust us, they know they had a package that they were scared wasn’t going to arrive, and we helped them solve the issue.”

Faces Friday is our weekly online feature highlighting members of our community: their strength, challenges and humanity.

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