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Hants’ Faces Friday — Marjie Lynn

HANTSPORT, N.S. — Marjie Lynn, wearing her reflective gold helmet, practises her roller derby skills at the Hants County War Memorial Community Centre.

The Hantsport resident says the sport is a great way to stay active, meet people and let off some steam.

“It’s Tuesday morning when they have open gym time and some of the girls in the roller derby group — the Avon River Rollers is our league name — we come in and get in a little practise time, which we do twice a week. But I’ve been off skates for a while with a sore ankle, so I’m going to try to get my skills back up, while also hanging out and having fun.”

“The original time I played, a friend of mine was already involved, and she was with the core group who just started this off in Windsor just last year. She asked me if I wanted to join because she knew I was an idiot and knew I’d have fun doing this. I said ‘yes,’ came in for a try-out during a ‘fresh meat’ night, for rookies, skated, and thoroughly loved it. It’s like if hockey and rugby had a love child.”

“I’ve played a lot of sports in my life — like a lot — and this one hands down has me sweating harder than any other. The camaraderie of this reminds me of when I was playing rugby at Acadia; it’s not just about the game itself, it’s about afterwards hanging out with the other team and these women that I play with are so supportive and so amazing. Everybody wants everybody to play and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. It’s nothing but welcoming, with stupid energy, always making jokes. It’s a combination of safe and foolish that you really find in places like summer camp almost.”

Faces Friday is the Hants Journal’s weekly online feature highlighting members of our community: their strengths, challenges and humanity.

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