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Movember event gets students laughing and learning at Berwick school

$1,700 fundraised for Movember by students, staff at school

BERWICK, NS – Students at Berwick District School had a good laugh and lesson while raising money this year for Movember.

School principal Bill Doucet confirmed students, vice-principal Isaac Schurman and physical education teacher John Bustin together raised $1,700 for the men’s health charity.

A competition between both staff members to see who could raise the most money saw Bustin raise $340 and Schurman taking the cake with $840.

After giving a presentation on men’s health, both were pied in the face in front of the entire school, to the amusement of the kids.

“It was an awesome day, and the kids not only laughed but also learned a lot,” said Doucet.

Just before the pies were thrown, the kids all participated in Doucet’s own Moustache Song, sung to the tune of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,’ with the lyrics, “Mr. Shcurman grew a moustache, Mr. Busting grew one too, and when I get older, I’ll grow a big moustache or two.”

“The lyrics were pretty basic, it’s true, but we practiced it with the kids at recess and they loved it. It came out well when they all sang together at the assembly,” said Doucet.

The presentation given by Bustin at the assembly focused on Movember and men’s health, but also general healthiness and why thinking about it is so important.

The presentation also happened at Somerset and District Elementary School, where both Bustin and Schurman also got pied.

While pies in the face was definitely the highlight of the presentation at both schools, Doucet is also glad the students are now better informed on the many reasons personal health is important.

“All in all, it was a really great day and positive experience for the kids,” he said.

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