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SLIDESHOW: Avon View High School grads celebrate an end of an era

'Just the beginning'

WINDSOR, N.S. – “I wish somebody would have told me babe, some day, these will be the good old days.”

A line from the perfectly-suited Macklemore and Kesha song titled Good Old Days played over the gymnasium sound system as 223 young people, from all walks of life, bid farewell to high school after years of homework, basketball practice, dances, break-ups, make-ups and everything else in-between.

Diplomas in hand, smiles wide, and hugging each other ferociously, the Avon View graduating class of 2018 is ready to take on the world.

Tyler Eddy, the school-elected speaker, thanked all of his fellow graduates for making the entire high school experience so incredible.

“It may have felt like a short time for some of you, and for others, it may have felt like a long time, but now here we are, ready to embark on our own path,” Eddy said from the lectern in the stifling auditorium.

“I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my high school career. Every year we build greater friendships and stronger bonds as a class,” he said. “These friendships don’t end here however, this is just the beginning.”

Eddy thanked the teachers for everything they’ve done for them, and for the administration for being so diligent with late slips.

Parents beamed with pride, while wafting the graduation programs for some relief from the rising temperatures in the auditorium.

Technical difficulties delayed things slightly in the middle of the presentation of diplomas, but the graduates took it in stride.

Avon View Principal Everett MacPherson said the graduation ceremony comes with a lot of pride.

“Getting to know the students at Avon View is such a tremendous experience; they’re all wonderful people with great character,” MacPherson said. “Watching them cross that stage and recognize their accomplishments is important.”

MacPherson thanks the larger Avon View community, who continue to send high-spirited young people into its corridors and classrooms.

“This group of graduates certainly had personality, a lot of interest in their surroundings and each other,” he said. “They’re very supportive of each other and friendly. They’re a caring and empathetic group of individuals.”

He noted that most of the graduates were born in the year 2000, making them the first group of graduates born in the new millennium.

A combined $628,000 in scholarships, bursaries and other contributions went to the graduating class.

Major award winners

The following were the major award winners for Avon View's Class of 2018.

The NSSAF Exemplary Participation award: Abby Miller and Jonathan Parker

Ron O’Flaherty Scholar Athlete Awards: Laken Crowell and Ryan Jillett

Principal's Award: Abbie Bayers

AVHS Award for Academic Achievement: Rachel Horner

Governor General’s Medal: Acadia Bunin

Queen Elizabeth Medal: Elise Lynch

Staff Trophy: Laken Crowell

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