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Thanks community for support of fire society


It has been more than two months since we could enjoy the beautiful art presented by Nova Scotian artists in support of the South West Hants Fire Society. On behalf of the South West Hants Fire Society, I would like to thank all those who helped make this event a huge success.

It was a rainy and stormy Saturday – post tropical Storm noel -- Nov. 3, 2007. All we heard from the media was, “stay home if you do not have to be on the roads.” The members of the society were a little stressed under the circumstances; however, we soon learned that the love of art is very strong in this community.

The event took place at the Windsor branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, which generously offered the large space for the venue.

The entrance to the auction displayed a masterpiece by Dr. Avery Vaughan, depicting the Windsor area.

The event was a great success despite the weather. More than 110 visitors came to view and attend the auction. Guests came from Halifax, New Glasgow, Wolfville, and from the local area. More than 80 items were on display for the auction.

These were pieces donated by 35 artists as well as donations from Dr. Roman and Kristina Panek and Mary Ruth Cochrane. They included oils, watercolours, photographs, fabric art, ceramic and silver jewellery. Also for sale were ‘Forget-me-not’ calendars, which were proudly created by a group within the society. The perpetual calendars displayed reproductions of the artwork available at the show.

We also presented a short fashion show – compliments of the Turbine collection – during the auction.

Lawrence Stokes’ opening remarks at the auction were an event in themselves. A Dalhousie University history professor emeritus, Mr. Stokes spent several hours researching the history and development of Vaughans. As he spoke, I am sure he made many proud to hear the historical facts regarding the area that many now call ‘home.’ Thank-you Lawrence.

It is not hard to say that the success of this event is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of many people. Their outstanding contributions were an integral part of organizing this event.

To the contributing artists, many thanks.

Jeanne Aristhorpe-Smith, Cheryl Baker, Dr. Haline Bienkowski, Ania Bogaczewicz, June Brown, Edward Boucher, Alice Cochrane, Guenter George Burr, Shelley Dauphinee, Greg Dickie, Maryla Dlutek, Dr. William Enright, Lidia Gajewska, Susan Geddes, Audrey Goucher-Millett, Dr. Grazyna Hoffner, Gerald Janke, Barbara Jones, Teresa Johnson, Dorothy Lewis, Dr. Teresa Machel, Reta Vaughan-Meister, Julita Naczk, Twila Robar-DeCoste, Cheryl Rutledge, Dr. Felicity Simms, Aleksander Smigas, Erika Stokes, Dr. Alan Stewart, Pauline Sullivan, Dr. Avery Vaughan, Dr. Garth Vaughan, Anne Walker, Art Ward, and Bronwen Vaughan Williams.

I would like to give a big thanks to Dorothy and Harland Schofield for their tireless support of the auction. Of course, thanks to Janet White for her outstanding presentations to prospective buyers, and David Hovell, who donated several prints.

Thank-you to the members of the South West Hants Fire Society and the Women’s Auxiliary for their incredible work before, during and after the auction. Their preparation of refreshments available throughout the sale was exemplary.

Business contributors included Central Supply, Home Hardware, Lakeside variety, Avon Valley Greenhouse, and Cottage Country.

The auction was a large success. We generated financial support for the South West Hants Fire Society, selling more than 75 per cent of the art works and 90 per cent of the calendars.

Until next time.

Teresa Machel

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