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Windsor firefighters engaging youngsters early with new interactive display

WINDSOR, N.S. — Youngsters had the opportunity to try out the Windsor Fire Department's newest educational tool during their fire prevention open house Oct. 14.

Capt. Tim Clarke, who is in charge of fire safety for the Windsor Fire Department, said the new fire extinguisher demo unit is a safe and effective way to teach children.

It works with compressed air and water. It's perfectly self-contained. It's 100 per cent safe. Kids can try it and get the experience of putting a fire out,” said Clarke.

The longtime firefighter said using the machine draws attention, which in turn helps to launch a conversation of fire safety.

“If the kids learn it, they'll tell their parents,” said Clarke.

While everybody hopes to not have to use a fire extinguisher, Clarke said it's wise to teach children what to do in case of an emergency.

The Windsor Fire Department held fire drills at two local schools, which Clarke said went over well. The fire prevention open house, held Oct. 14, culminated with a presentation to the fire chief of the day and deputy fire chief of the day and a ride through town as part of the department's parade of apparatus.

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