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Windsor’s town crier honours King’s-Edgehill cadets with special proclamation

Photos by Colin MacKenzie

WINDSOR, N.S. — They’ve heard the sound of a town crier’s ‘Oyez!’ a lot already this year, but this time it was especially for them.

Members of the King’s-Edgehill School 254 Cadet Corps received a special proclamation and thank you from Windsor's town crier Lloyd Smith on Oct. 18 as recognition for their assistance during the 2017 International Town Crier Competition in September.

During the competition, cadets served as the honour guard and flag bearers for the 19 countries represented at the competition

“Capt. Keith Hynes was approached some time ago to determine if there would be interest by the school and cadets to participate in the Windsor phase of

competition,” Smith said. “The response was immediate and enthusiastic.”

Smith said they were hoping for good weather during the competition, but added that unfortunately the weather was “too good,” with temperatures reaching into the 30 C range.

“A few of the cadets, who were sidelined, also in full dress, during the Gerrish Street opening ceremony, were somewhat overcome by the heat,” Smith said, adding that several had to be given water. “When they were brought back to deliver a general salute… they were refreshed and delivered an outstanding presentation.”

The international competition was a first for the region. The competition was held in communities across the Annapolis Valley.

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