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San Francisco defensive coordinator DiMeco Ryans has received interest from other teams for the head coaching job.debt…Tony Aveler/Associated Press

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans is in a position most NFL assistant coaches want. He’s the top-ranked leader in the league, his team is one win away from the Super Bowl, and he’s been sought after by other teams looking for a head coach since the regular season ended.

Four teams with vacancies — the Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Denver Broncos — have requested to interview Ryans, who is black. The Rooney Rule requires all NFL clubs to interview a minority or female candidate for a head coaching position, and previous hiring cycles have included black coordinators such as Eric Bienemee, who ran Kansas City’s offense, and Leslie Frazier, who commanded the Bills’ defense. Brought up by several groups but not employed by anyone.

Ryans The head coach is said to be ready to offer job opportunities From multiple owners.

This isn’t the first time Ryans has been offered a top role. He was a candidate to open last year with the Minnesota Vikings, but declined a second interview with the team’s front office, saying he needed another year of experience coaching in San Francisco.

A former Pro Bowl linebacker, Ryans retired from playing after 10 seasons in the NFL with the Texans and Eagles. Starting in 2017, he spent four seasons as an assistant in San Francisco before Robert Saleh took over as defensive coordinator in 2021.

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“I’m not just being a head coach and saying, ‘Oh, I’m a head coach,'” Ryans said at a news conference in June. “If I’m going to do it, I want to be very successful at it and do it for a long time. So it’s not about jumping at the first opportunity, but for all of us, whatever opportunities you get in life, you want it to be the best for you, where you can find longevity and Can make a lasting impression. Impact on lives beyond me.”

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