Ecuadorian woman dies after knocking over coffin at her own wake

A 76-year-old woman who was pronounced dead, and She surprised her relatives by knocking on her coffin during her wake Earlier this month, he died after seven days of intensive care, his family said on Saturday.

The woman’s son, Gilberto Barbera Montoya, told The Associated Press that doctors at the state hospital where she was rushed to after the initial incident pronounced her dead Friday evening.

Bella Montoya was initially admitted with a stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest, and the doctor on duty pronounced her dead when she did not respond to resuscitation, the ministry said.

On June 9, Montoya got up and began knocking after spending five hours in his coffin at a funeral home in Papahoyo, southwest of Quito.

Similar incidents have happened in the US recently. An Iowa care facility in December A 66-year-old resident was mistakenly declared dead She was taken to a funeral home, where she woke up “gasping for air.” In 2020, a young woman was reported dead She opened her eyes She was to be embalmed.

Ecuador’s health ministry confirmed in a statement on Saturday that he died of an ischemic stroke after spending a week in intensive care. It said Montoya was under “constant observation” but did not provide additional information on the medical investigation surrounding the case.

Barbera Montoya said she has yet to receive a report from authorities on a medical explanation of what happened, and warned that things are “not going to stay the same.” He said the dead woman’s sister had filed a formal complaint about the incident and was trying to identify the doctor who declared her dead.

The remains of Montoya, a retired nurse, are back at the same funeral home where she was raised. His son told Andhra that he would be buried in a public cemetery.

The country’s health ministry said last week that a technical committee has been set up to review how hospitals issue death certificates.

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