Five Nights at Freddy’s Sees ‘Oppenheimer’ – $10M Previews – Deadline

Friday Afternoon: It’s the biggest end of October ever with Universal/Blumhouse Five Nights at Freddy’s Looking at $34M on Friday Oppenheimer$10.3M Thursday night for a big $68M opening. That’s Peacock’s theatrical day-and-date and a huge result for the studio’s dynamic output. Halloween Murders ($49.4M) and Halloween is over ($40M). Clearly, fans want to see it together in a communal cinema setting. Theater average $18,5K from 3,675 theaters.

For other poms poms Freddies:

Huge opening weekend for a horror film YTD besting Scream VI ($44.4M).

The third biggest opening for a video game film Super Mario Bros ($146.3M) and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($72M).

– The second biggest Blumhouse opening behind 2018 Halloween ($76.2M).

-Highest opening on Halloween weekend movie beat Puss in Boots ($34M).

This is the 19th time a Blumhouse film has taken the No. 1 spot.

The second largest theatrical day-and-date launch after Disney+ Black Widow ($80.3M).

Social media monitoring RelishMix screams, “The social media universe awareness statistics Freddie’s 375.2M Franchise Horror Comps on Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok running on 2.3X. In addition to material specific to the film’s release, other sites have over nine years of YouTube music videos and gameplay views, with some clips reaching +100 million views. PlayStation is mildly cross-promoting but Blumhouse is pushing for 3.2M fans. Also, with a 3x increase in fans to 1.1M fans on FNAF pages in the last 3 months, the retweet viral ratio of YouTube videos is as high as 33:1.

As we saw on Wednesday night, social media fever Freddie’s As RelishMix says, the “social conversation is through the roof Freddie’s The meter is positive as fans shout ‘I can’t wait for this movie, I’m obsessed with it’ as they pump up the games on the big screen. Super Mario, Sonic Also mentions Nicolas Cage Willy’s Wonderland Released in 2021. Josh Hutcherson also said, ‘I’ve been a fan of Josh Hutcherson for 16 years and he never disappoints’ with Game Audience ‘I introduced my son to this game.’ Now he’s addicted and I’m freaking out, lol. I totally take him to see this.

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Although early PostTrak exits are consistent with genre exits, they are generally harsh, with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 89%.

Don’t Underestimate Taylor Swift: Now AMC-distributed Eras Tour 3,773 theaters on its third Friday $5.1M A $16.5M By the third weekend, a rating of -50%. It’s Thursday after a $2.6M second week. The EOD will remain in effect until Sunday $151.1M.

Second Friday of Apple and Paramounts Killers of the Flower Moon is around $3.5M The second weekend between $11M-$12M 3,632 theaters, -50% total run $43.6M.

Angel Studios Documentary to death $2.3M count Friday from 2,605 theaters $400K previews, and a $6.1M Opening.

Fifth is Universal/Plumhouse’s fourth weekend Exorcist: Believer in 2,717 theaters with Friday $1.1M3-day $3.7M-35% and close $60M Total operated by EOD Sudnay.

Updated, after the exclusive: Universal/Plumhouse Five Nights at Freddy’s Last night Peacock didn’t slow down on its day-and-date release $10.3M In 3,050 theaters. It’s bigger and less distant than our sources found last night This is chapter two And Oppenheimer Both grossed $10.5M in previews! Sources warn Freddie’s The preview stats are pre-loaded, so don’t put your faith in the openings just yet Oppenheimer Amount $82.4M, or This is chapter two ($91M). However, there are many who believe it will reach a $70M-plus opening.

Why the discrepancy between what we reported in the previews and where they came out? Hispanic and Latino walk-up business at Cinemark theaters was the largest in the South, winning the demo night 42% to 38% Caucasian. The 18-24 sweet spot demo represented 45% of the crowd, while the 13-24 set represented 75% of the audience.

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easily, Freddie’s Theater-day-date is the biggest preview for the release.

Why, oh why did Universal go to theaters with Peacock instead Exorcist: Believer? Again, deal with that Freddie‘s were always structured this way, and the film was thought to be for a limited audience: the film was strictly made Freddie‘s fans, not for anyone else. Generally, Hollywood wants to expand a film’s audience beyond an IP’s core demo. That’s not part of the plan here, which is why the uni content strategy bean counters put this day and date. Given the franchise here, it wouldn’t be shocking if they kept the sequel strictly drama.

Other jaws drop for miles Freddies: This is the third best preview for the October release Comedian ($13.3M) and Venom: Let there be carnage ($11.6M) and ahead poison ($10M) and last October as well Black Adam ($7.6M). Freddie’s Also burying Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax’s $7.7M preview cash Halloween 2018 opened to $76.2M.

“There’s nothing like a cultural milestone to drive people to the box office and streaming service,” says another related insider. Freddies. True, OTT services need IP pieces like these to boost subs; Peacock recently celebrated 28M subscribers, +4M during Q3. Peacock lost $614M in the year-ago period, with “peak losses” down from $3B for the year to $2.8B. Parent Peacock company Comcast reported streaming revs were $840M, +64% from a year ago.

Further FreddieKick-out from Wednesday night at AMC Burbank:

Other exits FreddieEquivalent to a horror movie: 3 1/2 stars, 75% positive and 62% definite recommendations.

Exclusive: “We may have a big hit on our hands,” said one person close to the Universal/Bloomhouse video game production. Five Nights at Freddy’sToday. While the film, which opens in theaters today at 2pm and Peacock at 6pm, is expected to gross around $50M, there are some wild predictions of $55M to $90M. Keep calm everyone, let’s let millennials have this awesome branded IP in the swamps oasis of the actors’ strike.

Deadline/A. D’Alessandro

Tonight, Thursday previews are rolling north, according to box office sources $7M But be warned “there are too many leads.” Universal did not respond to a request for comment on our predictions, so always mark them with an asterisk. Although this is a film aimed only at people under 25, check out other previews with similar sizes, such as: ant man ($6.4M previews, $57.2M opening), Aladdin ($7M, on $91.5M), F9 ($7.1M, $70M) and twilight ($7.5M, $69.6M). But wait, we have to combine this with the other Universal/Peacock Day and dates, right? ok, Freddie’s Fry the comps Halloween Murders ($4.85M previews, $49.4M) and Halloween is over ($5.4M previews, $40M opening).

Critics slammed the Emma Tammy-directed film as 25% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, but goers don’t know how the reviews read. I attended a very emotional Burbank, CA AMC preview last night and the fans were over the moon, it reminded me of when I first saw it. twilight Now with a frenzied crowd at AMC Grove. Fans raved about the YouTube influencer cameos (beeps, known for playing and theorizing). Five Nights at Freddy’s games) in the film, as well as “oooh”s and “aaaahs” at plot twists, and character appearances, and a fan-made end credits song by music artist The Living Tombstone. If you didn’t dress up last night, you were squared away. Get lots of get-ups up and down.

@nightmerecosplay ‘Freddy’s’ at AMC Fan Screening in Burbank

Deadline/A. D’Alessandro

Wait, a lot of people don’t want to stay home and watch this? Perhaps, we’ll review Mylene’s Ting at the box office this weekend, but what’s very clear here is that the under-25s want to watch this movie together, not in casual attire.

FreddieAround 3,500 venues are booked this weekend, including Imax and PLFs. Apple Original Pictures and Paramounts Those who killed the flower the moon When AMC-distributed, it’s expected to make around $12M Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Crooning is set to continue until around $13M. More details tomorrow morning.

CinemaScore voting last night; It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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