Google is developing an AI tool for journalists


Google is developing an artificial intelligence tool for news publishers that can generate article text and headlines, highlighting how technology could soon change the journalism industry.

The technology company said in a statement that it wants to partner with news organizations on using AI tools in newsrooms.

“Our goal is to give journalists the choice to use these emerging technologies to improve their work and productivity,” a Google spokesperson said, “just as we’re building tools that help people with Gmail and Google Docs.”

There was an attempt First reported by the New York TimesThe project is referred to internally as “Genesis” and has been awarded to News Corp., which owns The Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

Google’s statement did not name those media companies, but said the company is focusing specifically on “smaller publishers.” It added that the plan was not intended to replace journalists or their “essential role … in reporting, producing and fact-checking their articles”.

The new tool comes as tech companies including Google race to develop and deploy new productive AI features in workplace applications with the promise of streamlining tasks and making employees more productive.

But these tools, trained on information online, have raised concerns because of the possibility of getting facts wrong or getting “hallucinatory” answers.

The press release had to be published by CNET “Substantial” amendments After experimenting with using an AI tool to write stories earlier this year. A simple AI-written story in “Star Wars,” published by Gizmodo earlier this month, also needed an overhaul. But still Both shops want said They will use more technology to advance.

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