Israel Agrees to Hostage Deal with Hamas: Live Updates

2:20 PM ET, November 22, 2023

A “staff list” of hostages may be released by Hamas on Thursday, sources familiar with the matter say.

From CNN’s MJ Lee, Jennifer Hansler and Sam Fossum

Family and friends of some 240 people taken hostage by Hamas in Gaza during a demonstration in Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 21 have called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring them home.

Ariel Shalit/AP

The release of the first batch of hostages from Gaza is just hours away, US officials say 10 Hostage Job List A person familiar with the matter says they believe it will be released on day one. None of the three American hostages — including a 3-year-old child — was in the clear Abigail drinks – will be released on the first day.

The agreement is structured so that each day, a group of hostages to be freed will be handed over to the Red Cross; The Red Cross will take the team to a designated border point, which will largely depend on the location of the hostages, the person said.

Many of the first 50 hostages are expected to get out through Egypt.

The source said the first two days after the release of the hostages would be considered a “trial period” to ensure the process was working. On the third day, there are expected to be serious discussions beyond the initial group of 50 about the possibility of a second phase of hostage release.

White House official Brett McCurg told CNN Wednesday that he could not talk about a timetable for when the Americans would be released. He confirmed that the three American hostages – Eden and two women – would be coming home as part of 50 hostages freed by Hamas. A total of 10 Americans are believed to be held hostage.

“I’ve been asked before if we know if the 50 people are alive and well. We understand they’re alive, but they’re definitely sick,” McGurk said. It’s impossible, but we’ll make sure they get the care they need when they get home.”

McGurk said he was “hopeful” the Red Cross would reach other hostages, but noted “I can’t confirm or guarantee that.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli Supreme Court “has now allowed the (hostage) deal to go forward,” clearing the way for the process to move forward on Thursday, McGurk said.

A senior Israeli official told CNN on Tuesday that there is a 24-hour window following the announcement of the deal for appeals to be filed in court. An Israeli source familiar with the matter said Israel’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the hostages to stop the deal from moving forward and ruled the deal did not violate the law. More appeals are expected to be filed, but they are expected to be rejected, the source told CNN.

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