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Trucks carrying humanitarian aid from the Indonesian charity MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Team) managed to enter the Gaza Strip, according to Indonesian volunteers working on the ground.

MER-C volunteers Fikri Rofiul Haq and Reza Aldilla Qurniawan deliver wheat flour and food packages and distribute the goods in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, the center of Israel's military offensive.

“Since Monday, we have received three deliveries, including 1,500 wheat flour,” Haq told Al Jazeera.

A number of refugee camps have been given flour stocks, but Indonesian aid workers are unable to distribute food packages to all areas because Israeli bombing is “very intense”.

Gaza needs a lot of aid, including tents and warm clothes, Huq said.

“Getting aid through Egypt to Gaza takes a long time and is a very difficult process,” he said. “There have been many problems with many trucks entering Gaza because they do not meet the requirements of the Israeli government, and many aid supplies have been damaged as a result of Israeli inspections,” he added.

Indonesia Aid Volunteer Reza Altilla Kurniawan delivers food packages in Gaza earlier this week. [Courtesy of MER-C]
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