‘Kimmel Live’ star Guillermo apologizes to shelter rescue dogs


‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ star Guillermo

His rescue dogs ended up at a shelter begging for forgiveness…

Alleging familial miscommunication

Jimmy KimmelMidnight Neighbor Guillermo RodriguezShe’s at a dog house with a rescue agency that says two of her adopted pups came to the shelter, but says the whole ordeal started with a misunderstanding in her family.

Mutt Scouts, a dog rescue group based in SoCal, tells TMZ … In 2021, Guillermo adopted two chihuahuas, Chase and Ray. He was excited about adding to his family and posted pictures on IG as soon as he got them.

However, Mutt Scouts says they recently received a call from an animal shelter in the LA area … saying the dogs were surrendered to them by an anonymous woman. The shelter was called Mud Scouts because the two pups were microchipped and registered at RG before Guillermo adopted them.

Mud Scouts provided TMZ with a copy of the contract Guillermo signed before adoption — saying the rescue was the first point of contact to help retrieve the dogs if he no longer wanted or could care for them.

It took Arc to social media to call him out this week, and some ‘Kimmel’ fans were outraged and pointed out that Guillermo’s past post with the dogs was no longer on his page.

Guillermo tells TMZ … it’s all about being asked to take care of his grandmother’s big dog as she battles dementia. At the same time, he went in for knee surgery … so his step-sister Chase had to watch Ray and Grandma’s big dog.

She says her foster sister panicked that the large dog was going to harm the two Chihuahuas, and that’s when she decided to take them to a shelter. He says that when Guillermo found out, he immediately told her that she would be making a big mistake. He knew they should have gone to the Mud Scouts, and he contacted the group on Friday to say he was “sorry from the bottom of his heart”.

Mud Scouts say they believe Guillermo’s case is a teachable moment for anyone looking to adopt a pet. If the owner is able to care for the adopted animal long enough, it is common practice to return them to a rescue agency.

Chase and Ray are now in the Mud Scouts, hoping to find them a new home. Mud Scouts tells us Guillermo donated $5k to help care for the cubs in the interim.

If you’re interested in giving Chase and Ray a new fur-forever home… Visit Mud Scouts Their website and fill out an application.

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