Kirk Cousins ​​worried the Falcons' decision to draft Michael Benix Jr. won't help the team this season

The Atlanta Falcons made the surprise pick of former Washington quarterback Michael Benix Jr. with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Among those shocked by the Falcons' selection was their current projected starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

Atlanta called Cousins ​​while they were on the clock to let him know they were taking the former Huskies' quarterback, his agent Mike McCartney said. Athletic. When he signed with the team this offseason, the Falcons told Cousins ​​they were drafting a quarterback in the later rounds of the 2024 draft. He was stunned when they took one in the first round, University of Washington standout Michael Benix Jr. McCartney and Cousins' biggest concern is that they don't believe it will help the team in the upcoming season.

A team source said one reason Atlanta chose Bennix was because it believed Cousins ​​wouldn't be the top pick in drafts coming up under center in the next few years. Athletic.

The Falcons signed Cousins ​​this offseason to a four-year deal worth $180 million, with $100 million guaranteed. The 35-year-old quarterback is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon he suffered in Week 8 of last season. Cousins ​​said at his introductory news conference in March that he could take drops and make passes, but added, “The minute I have to step out of the pocket, you're going to say, 'Yeah, he's still recovering from his Achilles.'”

Opinions about Phoenix vary

I don't think the Falcons will use the eighth pick on Michael Benix Jr., that's for sure, but I think Benix is ​​the most interesting prospect in this draft.

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Benix was the No. 2 quarterback in the draft behind Caleb Williams, two former head coaches with strong track records among the people I spoke to during the draft process. Few seemed to agree with this assessment.

My feeling during Super Bowl week was that Bennix would go in the middle of the first round, but the recent chatter surrounding him made me feel like it was a stretch. With quarterbacks, there can be great volatility. If a group loves someone, the group should take him. When teams feel they are already established, they often don't pick them. Someone like Bennix could go earlier than expected while Aaron Rodgers waits longer than expected. – Mike Santo, National NFL Writer

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