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Crowdfunding campaign to take man to 28 remaining lighthouses in Nova Scotia

An image captured by Larry Peyton of The Salvages Lighthouse, in Shelburne County. (Submitted)
An image captured by Larry Peyton of The Salvages Lighthouse, in Shelburne County. (Submitted)

After two years, Larry Peyton is nearly done his #NSLighthouseProject

DIGBY, NS – Larry Peyton has photographed all but 28 of Nova Scotia’s lighthouses and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get him to those that remain.

Peyton is a man with a dream, which he plans on seeing through. It’s a dream he knows he cannot reach on his own.

His GoFundMe campaign will aim to raise $6,500, an amount he will personally match, for transportation to 25 offshore lighthouses not easily reached.

“I thought about putting it on hold, but some lighthouses I’ve seen aren’t standing anymore. Finishing this now is so important,” he said.


Costs associated with getting there

Peyton has spent two years getting to and shooting footage of each lighthouse in the province.

The 25 offshore lighthouses present a special challenge, in that they require more time, effort and money to get to.

Accounting for fuel, lodging, travel time and food costs is a big job, but Peyton feels confident that with a little help, he can get it done.

“I’ve priced a trip to one specific lighthouse, and the travel there and back will cost $600,” said Peyton.

“So $13,000, which is the amount I’m aiming to raise plus what I’ll match, will see every penny go toward finishing this project.”

As of October 15, the campaign has raised over $1,000.

Even donating a few bucks can help, said Peyton, whose page currently has just under 2,000 followers.

“If each one of them gave just the cost of a coffee, that would be the total right there,” he said.


Finishing what he started

Peyton most recently traveled to Kidston Island Lighthouse near Baddeck to capture footage.

Next up on his list are Cape Roseway and Lockeport [Gull Rock] lighthouses, both offshore and both in Shelburne County.

Peyton has documented each lighthouse in Digby and Yarmouth counties, and is still working on getting to several in Shelburne, where many are offshore.

He looks back on his time in Digby fondly.

“I saw communities that have so much pride in their lighthouses in Digby. It really showed,” said Peyton.

“It’s so nice to see that. That’s what this project is all about.”


Comments from other groups

A comment from Joanne McCormick, President of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society:

“Larry is from Newfoundand, but when he moved here he saw beauty and opportunities that locals often overlook. Larry said, "you don't realize what you have here." He was right. There is much taken for granted in Nova Scotia, but when people who are not from the coast come here, lighthouses are one thing they want to see.

We did not approach him to do this - he is a very self-motivated person and when he undertakes something, he is driven to complete it. He has forged on through health setbacks and a very busy career to complete his mission.

Larry is now the one person who has seen and documented most of the lighthouses of Nova Scotia, [and] has shown the heart and soul of the lighthouses by capturing them from above. There is a thrill in his images, never captured before.”


The campaign

To donate to Larry Peyton’s campaign:

Peyton has also created a video with footage captured at the lighthouses:

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