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Enjoying a festive time together: Windsor schoolchildren enjoy turkey dinner

Windsor Elementary School celebrated its 24th annual Christmas dinner a day later than expected — as school was cancelled on Dec. 20 — but students were still excited as steaming plates of food were marched into the auditorium by volunteers.

Windsor Elementary School principal Michael Knowles said between students and guests, they serve between 250 and 275 plates of turkey at the annual event.

We have some parents, volunteers as well as past staff members who have come back to help out,” said Knowles on Dec. 21. “We’re glad we can have so many people here to enjoy this festive time together.”

Several guests from volunteer groups and other organizations were in attendance as well.

The biggest thing about our Christmas dinner is the enjoyment and excitement for the kick-off for the Christmas season that we all have at the school,” he said. “We all look forward to this day.”

Knowles said the annual feast wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the volunteer groups within the school community.

Ronda Hunter-Martin, a teacher and an organizer of the annual turkey dinner at the school, said the feast involves lots of planning and a team effort to make happen.

We work together to put together a great dinner for all of our study body as well as guests,” Hunter-Martin said.


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