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Full Circle Festival delights visitors to Avondale

AVONDALE, N.S. - The Avondale Wharf was a flurry of activity when the 8th annual Full Circle Festival rolled into town.

The event, which was held June 22-24, saw about 450 people attend. The weekend festival included various free workshops, a campfire, multiple musical acts, and a kids’ marketplace, where children could trade their wares.

Families enjoyed the day lounging in the field, listening to music, and dining on some healthy local foods. Kites made in one of the workshops were flown high above the festival as kids danced around watching them soar.

A lineup of musical acts took to the stage Saturday afternoon to showcase their talents and help bring the community together.

Two areas were made available for those wishing to set up a tent for the weekend to participate in the festival.

With the festival sold out, participants and volunteers were already looking forward to the next newfangled string band hootenanny.

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