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Firefighters, RCMP officers rescue man along Falmouth shoreline

For the latest RCMP news, be sure to check this website.
For the latest RCMP news, be sure to check this website.

FALMOUTH, N.S. — A man who called 911 while near the bridge connecting Windsor and Falmouth was safely rescued early this morning.

The call for assistance came in around 3 a.m. Oct. 18.

“We had very limited information but we were of the belief that somebody had jumped into the lake in order to harm themselves,” said Cpl. Luc Cote, of the Windsor RCMP detachment.

He said the man and the 911 operator became disconnected, prompting the resulting search.

 “So that’s why the fire department was called to come to assist us with the searching of the shoreline and of the lake itself,” said Cote.

Volunteer firefighters from Hantsport, Windsor, Brooklyn and Summerville were called to assist with the search.

“We worked with the other teams in the local region to comb that area and our crew specifically searched the water,” said Lieut. Andrew Steeves, of the Windsor Fire Department. “Ground crews had spotted him and we then transported the patient to EHS for a check over on our zodiac (rescue boat).”

Cote said the man, in his 60s, was taken to the hospital and later released.

Cote said anyone who is in distress should seek help as soon as possible.

“They should call 911 and stay on the line with the 911 operators. That way, we have better success in locating them and providing them with the assistance that they need.”

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