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Here's what Nova Scotia's minimum wage goes up to on April 1

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Minimum wage is going up in Nova Scotia on April 1.

See the committee report

HALIFAX, NS - Minimum wage is going up to $11 an hour in Nova Scotia, the Department of Labour and Advanced Education said in a media release today, Jan. 31.

“As a result of the Minimum Wage Review Committee's annual review, the minimum wage will increase by the 2017 national Consumer Price Index, resulting in an increase of 15 cents an hour,” the department said.

That means experienced workers will receive $11 an hour. The minimum wage for someone who has less than three months' experience will also increase to $10.50 an hour.

Nova Scotia’s minimum wage is the lowest in Canada and will remain the lowest (tied with Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick) even with the April 1 increase.

According to the Retail Council of Canada, Ontario has the highest minimum wage at $14 an hour followed by Alberta at $13.60 an hour. Alberta's minimum wage is set to go to $15 on October 1. Nunavut is $13 an hour and Northwest Territories is $12.50.

Ontario’s minimum wage jumped from $11.60 an hour to the current $14 on Jan. 1.

Currently, British Columbia is at $11.35 an hour, Yukon is $11.32, and Quebec and PEI are at $11.25.
This spring, Nova Scotia Minimum Wage Review Committee will review the current formula for adjusting the minimum wage. This includes looking at the current rate and the approach to setting the minimum wage.

premiers also recently committed to looking at options for harmonization of the minimum wage and the approach for making adjustments.
The Minimum Wage Review Committee, which includes employee and employer representatives, filed its report with the minister of Labour and Advanced Education on Jan. 26.
For a copy of The Nova Scotia Minimum Wage Review Committee report visit

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