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House destroyed in West Dalhousie fire Jan. 10

Family wasn't home when fire broke out

WEST DALHOUSIE, NS – A house has been destroyed in West Dalhousie following a fire Jan. 10.

The fire was called in around 11:30 a.m. Bridgetown firefighters responded, quickly followed by members from Lawrencetown, Annapolis Royal, Middleton and Port Lorne fire departments.

The fire at the single family home was called in by the owners’ neighbours across the street.

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The family, which includes homeowner Nick Bezanson, his wife and three children, were not at home when the fire broke out.

Ladder trucks were used to battle the blaze, spraying water through the windows to try and contain the flames.

A tanker relay was also used. Water from a local pond was used by the trucks to keep the supply flowing.

EHS also arrived on the scene. Nova Scotia Power was also called, and arrived to cut power to the house.

Bezanson, who works at Wal-Mart in Greenwood, was notified of the fire at 11:30, and confirmed the house is insured.

“The biggest loss is personal items,” he said.

Community hall member Debbie Stultz-Giffin has already started planning a fundraiser for the family at the West Dalhousie Community Hall, located at 4868 West Dalhousie Road.

Food and coffee are also being set up at the hall for fire fighters needing some warmth.

Community hall board member Debbie Stultz-Giffin is already working on a fundraiser at the community hall.

More updates to follow.

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