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Kentville police, firefighters involved in apparent recovery efforts at Cornwallis River Bridge

Incident at Kentville bridge during supper hour Oct. 10

KENTVILLE, NS - Kentville police and firefighters have pulled what appeared to be human remains from the Cornwallis River.

A heavy police presence was first noted on the bridge in Kentville shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 10. By 5:45 p.m., Kentville firefighters, as well as what appeared to be firefighters wearing diving suits, were on the scene.

Action seemed to be focused on the embankment near Goodyear Tire. Tide was high at the time and the muddy water appeared to be moving fairly rapidly.

While traffic was not interrupted along the bridge, the pedestrian sidewalks on either side were blocked off by police tape as firefighters waved drivers passing over the bridge onward.

Groups of onlookers gathered on either side of the bridge to watch as rumours rapidly spread through the crowd that police had found a body.

Police have not confirmed that a body was in fact located in the river.

As members of the Kentville fire department held up two orange tarps along one side of the bridge to block much of the scene from vehicle traffic, pedestrians could see the divers and firefighters removing what appeared to be human remains from the river. A gray body bag was placed on a recovery board and quickly removed from view.

Afterwards, firefighter hosed the diver off with water, as well as the equipment used during the incident.

Kentville police officers that were on scene refused to comment on the incident and directed inquiries to an officer who was not at the scene.

Calls to Kentville Police have not yet been returned.

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