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New Minas fire chief ‘proud’ of department's response to two major collisions in three days

Firefighters practice extinguishing a fire.
Firefighters practice extinguishing a fire while on course. Trained as first responders, firefighters can respond to a variety of situations, and are often the first at the scene. - Cory Hurley

Chief James Redmond: ‘I know they’re proud of the work they did, and I’m definitely proud of all of them’

New Minas, NS – First responders in Kings County have been busy this week after providing support efforts at two major multiple-vehicle collisions in three days.

New Minas fire chief James Redmond confirmed members from his department responded to both the Dec. 18 collision, involving a car and a dump truck hauling an excavator in Steam Mill, and the Dec. 15 head-on collision of two cars on Highway 101 near New Minaa.

Both crashes resulted in critical injuries to at least one driver each incident.

Redmond is proud after his firefighters rushed to the scenes to help.

“The firefighters were doing a good job, looking after the patrons and getting them out of the vehicles at the first incident. I know they’re proud of the work they did, and I’m definitely proud of all of them,” said Redmond.

Some of Redmond’s HazMat team members – trained specifically to deal with hazardous materials – responded in Steam Mill, where fluids had spilled on the road. The responding team also included members of Wolfville and Kentville fire departments.

The frequency of these calls is something members are trained to handle, according to Redmond.

The incidents’ events are always discussed after a call, according to the fire chief, and if any member ever feels residual stress-related feelings after a call is completed, a critical incident stress team can be called in to help.

Looking after his members is number one for Redmond. After 41 years as a firefighter, he knows it’s important.

“It’s a part of that job, to deal with these things. That’s what the resources are for, and why we respond together,” he said.

“I’m very proud. We’ve got lots of dedicated, long term members.”

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