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Tenants evacuated from Windsor apartment complex as firefighters extinguish kitchen fire

WINDSOR, N.S. — A three-storey apartment complex on Underwood Drive in Windsor was briefly evacuated Aug. 31 as firefighters helped knock down a kitchen fire.

The call for assistance came in around 7 a.m..

“On my arrival, we had smoke showing from the third floor,” said deputy fire chief Jamie Juteau of the Windsor Fire Department.

“Crews arrived immediately behind me; forced entry through the front door and ran a line up and extinguished the fire.”

Tenants deployed a fire extinguisher at the scene before the firefighters arrived, which Juteau said was helpful. Several tenants also assisted by banging on doors to let neighbours know they need to evacuate the building.

“The tenants were very cooperative. We had a lot of assistance from the RCMP for crowd control and traffic. It went well,” said Juteau.

The call was wrapped up around 8:20 a.m. About 25 firefighters from Windsor, Brooklyn and Hantsport responded to the incident.

“We called mutual aid companies in immediately... because of the nature of an apartment building this time of the morning. There’s a lot of people involved. You could have multiple rescues and that sort of thing. It’s important that we front end load that type of response,” he said.

Juteau said the tenant is temporarily displaced.

“The apartment in question is uninhabitable right now just due to contaminants from the fire extinguishers and general clean up of the apartment. The rest of the tenants were able to go back in their apartments.”

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